Friday, February 3, 2017

Book Beginnings & Friday 56 - #68

Book Beginnings on Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Gilion at Rose City Reader. Every Friday we share the first sentence (or so) of the book we’re currently reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires.

My Book Beginning:  

Eight Million Gods by Wen Spencer


"Your mission if you choose to accept it, is escape your powerful, control-freak mother," Nikki whispered to the mirror hung on the back of the apartment's door. 
My Thoughts:  This book is by the same author I highlighted last week - only this book is not a part of a series - it's a stand alone.  I bought it in 2013 when it first came out but I've never had the time to read it and I decided after I finished last Friday's book that it was time to dive into this book so I did.  I'm almost at the halfway point so I know the importance of this scene but I can also say that I remember feeling this way occasionally when I was a teenager - lol😄😄😄

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Friday 56 is a weekly meme hosted by Freda at Freda’s Voice on every Friday.

To Play along here are the Rules:

*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader (If you have to improvise, that's ok.)
*Find any sentence, (or few, just don't spoil it)
*Post it.
*Add your post below. 
*Don’t forget to add your post URL (not your blog url) at Freda’s Voice.  
*It's that simple.

My 56 (Also from Eight Million Gods by Wen Spencer – about 56% on Kindle):  

She surprised him by taking one of the bus from her ear and stepping close.  She brushed bak his hair an put the bud into his ear.  It was a slow love ballad about golden fields of barley.  She stood so close he could feel the warmth of her body nearly touching his.  Every breath, he drew in her scent.  She closed her eyes again, swaying to the slow beat.

My Thoughts:  I haven’t gotten this far into the book, but I have a pretty good idea about who the characters are in this scene and I'm excited about seeing what if anything this scene develops into. 

So what do you think?  Do the teasers tempt you?  What about the cover? Don’t forget to leave your 56 below and to link up at Freda’s Voice.  

About Eight Million Gods by Wen Spencer

A contemporary fantasy of mystery and death as American expats battle Japanese gods and monsters to retrieve an ancient artifact that can destroy the world.

On Saturday afternoon, Nikki Delany thought, "George Wilson, in the kitchen, with a blender." By dinner, she had killed George and posted his gory murder to her blog. The next day, she put on her mourning clothes and went out to meet her best friend for lunch to discuss finding a replacement for her love interest.

Nikki is a horror novelist. Her choice of career is dictated by an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that forces her to write stories of death and destruction. She can't control it, doesn't understand it, but can use it to make money anywhere in the world. Currently "anywhere" is in Japan, hiding from her mother who sees Nikki's OCD as proof she's mentally unstable. Nikki's fragile peace starts to fall apart when the police arrest her for the murder of an American expatriate. Someone killed him with a blender.

Reality starts to unravel around Nikki. She's attacked by a raccoon in a business suit. After a series of blackouts, she’s accompanied by a boy that no one else can see, a boy who claims to be a god. Is she really being pursued by Japanese myths—or is she simply going insane?

What Nikki does know for sure is that the bodies are piling up, her mother has arrived in Japan to lock her up for the rest of her life—and her novels always end with everyone dead.

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Have a great Friday! 


  1. I thought I'd read everything by this author but this doesn't sound familiar. My book this week is Beauty and the Wiener by Casey Griffith. Happy reading!

  2. The snippets are not what I expected when I glanced at the cover. :-) Happy weekend!

  3. Sounds like a cute story. The opening made me smile.
    My Friday post features The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry.

  4. I'll have to add this to my tbr! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren @ Always Me

  5. It looks really interesting. Here is my Friday 56:

  6. BBOF got off to a late start this week, but it it up and running now. Sorry for the delay!