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Cover Reveal & #Giveaway for Berry Blissmas by Jamie Begley

We Wish You A
Merry Blissmas...

A Biker Bitches Holiday Novella
Jamie Begley
Releasing Dec 11th, 2015
Young Ink Press


What can I say? I’m not a nice person. When I walk by, people call me a slut, and I’m okay with that. I believe in calling a spade a spade. I am a slut.

With the holidays approaching, I miss belonging to The Last Riders. Drake’s keeping me warm, but he wants more than I can give. He wants me to trust him, to believe he can protect me. Doesn’t he know Santa put me on the Naughty List long ago?


What can I say? I’m a nice guy and have always done the responsible thing.

Bliss is everything I shouldn’t want, but it’s hard to resist a woman who stopped believing in miracles. She wants to be back with The Last Riders, whom she considers her true family. Doesn’t she know it’s Christmas, and miracles do happen?

"I was born in a small town in Kentucky. My family began poor, but worked their way to owning a restaurant. My mother was one of the best cooks I have ever known, and she instilled in all her children the value of hard work, and education.
Taking after my mother, I've always love to cook, and became pretty good if I do say so myself. I love to experiment and my unfortunate family has suffered through many. They now have learned to steer clear of those dishes. I absolutely love the holidays and my family puts up with my zany decorations.
For now, my days are spent writing, writing, and writing. I have two children who both graduated this year from college. My daughter does my book covers, and my son just tries not to blush when someone asks him about my books.
Currently I am writing five series of books- The Last Riders, The VIP Room, Predators MC, Biker Bitches, and The Dark Souls.
All my books are written for one purpose- the enjoyment others find in them, and the expectations of my fans that inspire me to give it my best.”

Virtual Tour & #Giveaway for Obsidian Worlds by Jason Werbeloff

Welcome to my stop on the Virtual Tour, presented by Goddess Fish Promotions, for Obsidian Worlds by Jason Werbeloff.  Please leave a comment or question for Jason to let him know you stopped by.  You may enter his tour wide giveaway, where Jason will award a $15 Amazon/BN GC to one (1) randomly chosen commenter, by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  You may follow all of the stops on Jason’s tour by clicking on the banner above.  The more stops you visit, the better your chances of winning. 

Obsidian Worlds
By Jason Werbeloff
Short Stories:  Books 1-11

Publisher:  Jason Werbeloff
Release Date: November 30, 2015
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length:  246 Pages
ISBN:  978-1517737689

Buy Links:  Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords 

Available for $.99 for a short period of time!

About the book:

Jason Werbeloff’s short stories have been downloaded over 20,000 times. Obsidian Worlds brings together his 11 best-selling sci-fi shorts into a mind-bending philosophical anthology.

In Your Averaged Joe, a man’s headache is large enough to hold the multiverse. Q46F is an obsessive-compulsive android who finds love in a zombie-embroiled apocalypse. The end of the world isn’t all that bad – The Experience Machine will fulfil your every desire (and some you hadn’t considered). A sex bot dares to dream of freedom in Dinner with Flexi. But mind what you eat, because The Photons in the Cheese Are Lost. Don’t fret though: The Cryo Killer guarantees that your death will be painless, or your money back when you’re thawed. Unless, that is, you’re The Man with Two Legs.

Plug into Obsidian Worlds for these and other immersive stories, including the hilarious Time-Traveling Chicken Sexer. Your brain will never be the same again.

EXCERPT (from The Cryo Killer)

“Inesa and Paul, good to meet you. Who referred you?”

“Mr. Camfrey’s wife.”

Paul’s hands are working. Picking at each other. At the cuticles.

“Ah yes, I was sorry to hear about his passing.”

“I think,” she lowers her voice, “that it was professionally done. Heart attack, I hear.”

I lean forward. “You’d like a similar package, ma’am?”

Paul speaks up for the first time. “Is it quick?”

If I had a penny for every time a client asked me that question. “Painless,” I say, “or your money back.”

Paul harrumphs.

“Excellent,” says Inesa, beaming. “You’ve been doing this a while?”

“Best in the business,” says Janet, striding over to us. She places a hand on my shoulder. “You’re safe with Barker.”

“So, you’re wanting the double package?”

Inesa squeezes her husband’s arm. Every carat on her ring finger catches the sunlight. His nod is miniscule.

“Yes,” she replies after a moment.

“Those are difficult.” I lean back in my chair, weighing the ring out of the corner of my eye. “Coroner looks closely at doubles. Need a plausible cause of death. Right now all I have in stock are gas leaks and home invasions. Invasions can get messy – brings down the property value. I suggest the gas leak. Although …” I glance at Paul. “Home invasions are on the rise.”

Paul scratches the skin over his knuckles. His lips have taken on a bluish tinge. I’ve seen all manner of manners displayed in the chairs on the other side of my desk. Clients respond to their impending deaths in all sorts of ways. Paul’s reaction isn’t unique.

“Gas leak,” says Inesa definitively.

Paul nods, a quick jerk up and down. “When’ll it happen?” He can’t meet my gaze.

“I could probably fit you in next week. Any preferences?”

“I’m writing an exam on Tuesday,” says Inesa. She looks to Paul, “And I’m sure you’d like to finalize that merger?”

He groans.

“Late next week?” she asks.

“Let’s see … Janet, check my availability, please.”

“Could do Friday next.”

“Excellent,” says Inesa.

“But …” Paul is fading to a paler blue by the minute. Droplets dot his forehead. “I just can’t live with the thought of this hanging over me for the next ten days. I just …” He swallows. “I just can’t.”

I reach out a hand and touch the man’s shoulder. His golf shirt is saturated. “Not to worry, sir. A memory wipe is included. You’ll never know you were here.” I offer him my warmest smile. Janet calls it the Big Daddy. “In fact, you may’ve been here before, and you wouldn’t know.”

Paul eyeballs me. “Have we been here before?”

“I couldn’t tell you.” I wink.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jason Werbeloff is a novelist and philosopher. He loves chocolate and his Labrador, Sunny. 

He's interested in the nature of social groups, personal identity, freedom, and the nature of the mind. His passion is translating philosophical debate around these topics into works of science fiction, while gorging himself on chocolate.

Amazon Author Page – download all of Werbeloff's fiction from Amazon.

Newsletter – subscribe to get 'The Solace Pill' free, as well as VIP access to Werbeloff's latest fiction.

Goodreads – read reviews of Werbeloff’s fiction.

Facebook and Twitter – follow Werbeloff for release date information on upcoming shorts and novels.

Website - read about the author, and the philosophy behind his fiction.

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Cover Reveal Tour for Cooking Up Trouble by Judi Lynn

Welcome to my stop on the Cover Reveal Tour, presented by Pump Up Your Book, for Cooking Up Trouble by Judi Lynn.  Please leave a comment or question for Judi to let her know you stopped by.  

Title: Cooking Up Trouble
Author: Judi Lynn
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Genre: Romance
Format: Ebook

Nothing stirs the pot like a new man in town…

Welcome to Mill Pond and small-town country living, filled with fresh air, fresh food, and plenty of fresh gossip—especially when it comes to romance…

It’s impossible not to notice when someone new shows up in Mill Pond. Especially someone as obviously out-of-place as Ian McGregor. His stylish suit and fancy car scream “city slicker.” And when Tessa Lawrence discovers he can’t even change a tire, she has no choice but to help. That’s just what the locals do. And when she finds out Ian’s her new neighbor, of course she’s obliged to invite him to dinner too…

Turns out Ian’s come from New York to open a luxury resort on the property next door to Tessa’s farm, where she grows berries and sells her famous jams and delectable baked goods. But despite their quickly growing friendship and temptingly close proximity, Tessa plans to keep things with Ian strictly neighborly. For one thing, Ian’s got a fiancée who, unlike Tessa, doesn’t have dirt under her nails. Plus, Tessa knows from bitter experience that a guy this gorgeous is all too likely to break a simple country girl’s heart. Even if he’s as sweet as one of her cinnamon buns—and equally hard to resist…

Cooking Up Trouble is available for order at

All of my works are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, smashwords, Scrib'd, Kobo, and more. I'm a member of Goodreads and my author page can be found at:

I'm lucky enough to be represented by Lauren Abramo at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. I've been a member of Summit City Scribes for more years than I care to remember, and they've made me a better writer.  Thanks, guys!

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TLC Book Tour for The Raven Room by Ana Medeiros

The Raven Room
By Ana Medeiros
The Raven Room Trilogy, Book 1

Publisher:  Diversion Books
Release Date:  November 3, 2015
Genre: Erotic Thriller/Suspense
Format: eBook/Print/Audio
Length:  250 Pages
ISBN:  978-1626817777

About the book:

A searing erotic thriller perfect for those tantalized by A.R. Torre's Deanna Madden series...

Anything you can imagine. Everything you crave. For the members of The Raven 
Room, it’s every fantasy fulfilled. But for some, that desire is a matter of life and death.

Drawn by needs he cannot control, Julian ventures to The RavenRoom, a secret and exclusive sex club in the underbelly of Chicago. It goes beyond sex. It goes beyond kink. The Raven Room is the only place where Julian finds release from the dangerous urges that threaten to destroy the successful life he’s worked so hard to build.

When the police link the Raven Room to the death of a young woman, it threatens to expose a number of powerful people—people who would kill to stay anonymous...

Meredith’s body can’t get enough of Julian. He has opened her sexual horizons to tempting new possibilities. But out of bed she’s an aspiring journalist, and The Raven 
Room is the story she’s been looking for. By writing an exposé on the club and its elite clientele, she plans to launch her career.

As Meredith embarks on a sexual journey into the forbidden world that Julian inhabits, questions emerge, and dark appetites threaten to swallow her whole.  How much can she trust the man who has laid bare her erotic nature and how much will she sacrifice in order to protect him?


"If you’re looking for an exciting novel that can balance erotic sections with a thrilling who-done-it, look no further; The Raven Room will have everything you could possibly want and more." - San Francisco Book Review

"Readers who enjoy complex stories with strong characterization and psychological depth will find The Raven Room a satisfyingly story of emotional turbulence…” - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Photo by: Garfield L. Miller
About Ana Medeiros

Born in the Azores islands, Portugal, Ana Medeiros has a background in Photography, Sociology and Psychology. For the last seven years she has worked in the magazine industry. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada, with her boyfriend and two cats. TheRaven Room, book one of a trilogy, is Ana’s first novel and is published by Diversion Books.

Visit Ana at her website and connect with her on Facebook.

When I decided to read The Raven Room, I thought I knew what I was getting into but like the characters in Ana Medeiros’ book, I got much more than I expected.  A dark, mentally and physically twisted erotic thriller, The Raven Room is the story of men and women drawn into a web of half-truths, violence, kinky sex and obsessive desires.  While a darker, and kinkier, book than what I normally read, I found myself drawn into the world Ms. Medeiros created and unable to put the book down.

While Ms. Medeiros did a wonderful job creating and developing her characters, I have to admit they aren’t very likable at first.  A successful child psychologist, Julian Reeve is a loner who is difficult to get to know.  He keeps his background a secret and only reveals what he must, he’s sexually dominant, willing to experiment and refuses to get emotionally entangled.  At least at first.  Meredith, a twenty year old graduate student and Julian’s current lover, is much younger (almost 20 years younger) and a little bit easier to get to know.  Beautiful, intelligent and also willing to experiment sexually, she’s got her own emotional baggage and is willing to risk her relationship to get a jump start on her career.  While both characters are emotionally strong, they lie to themselves and to each other. 

The secondary characters all play an important part in the story and contribute color, emotional angst and background for the main characters.  Especially a woman named Alana, who plays a rather pivotal role.  I enjoyed how we got to know Julian and Meredith better as they interacted with each other and with the secondary characters.  The plot is well developed and takes several unexpected twists and turns, especially when dealing with The Raven Room and its members.  The pace is fairly quick and Ms. Medeiros voice as an author is warm, engaging and I can see why she already has so many fans. 

Will Julian really take Meredith to The Raven Room and show her who he is? Will Meredith betray Julian when he needs her the most?  You’ll have to read The Raven Room to find out.  I do need to warn you that this installment has a fairly big cliffhanger ending and that I had several questions that didn’t get answered.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment.

My Rating:  4 out of 5 Crowns

Heat Level:  Melt the Paint off the Walls Hot!

Virtual Tour & #Giveaway for The Winemaker Detective Omnibus Edition by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen

Jean-Pierre ALAUX and Noël BALEN
on Tour November 23-December 23 with

   winemaker omnibus1

The Winemaker Detective: An Omnibus

Release date: December 5, 2015 at Le French Book 
309 pages
ISBN: 9781939474568 


The ideal gift for mystery and wine lovers — An immersion in French countryside, gourmet attitude, and light-hearted mystery. 

Two amateur sleuths gumshoe around French wine country, where money, deceit, jealousy, inheritance and greed are all the ingredients needed for crime. Master winemaker Benjamin Cooker and his sidekick Virgile Lanssien solve mysteries in vineyards with a dose of Epicurean enjoyment of fine food and beverage.

Each story is a homage to wine and winemakers, as well as a mystery. In Treachery in Bordeaux, barrels at the prestigious grand cru Moniales Haut-Brion wine estate in Bordeaux have been contaminated. Is it negligence or sabotage?

In Grand Cru Heist, Benjamin Cooker’s world gets turned upside down one night in Paris. He retreats to the region around Tours to recover. He and his assistant Virgile turn PI to solve two murders and a very particular heist.

In Nightmare in Burgundy, a dream wine tasting trip to Burgundy turns into a troubling nightmare when Cooker and his assistant stumble upon a mystery revolving around messages from another era.

This made-for-TV series is “difficult to forget and oddly addictive” (ForeWord Reviews).


Alaux-Balen Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen, wine lover and music lover respectively, came up with the idea for the Winemaker Detective series while sharing a meal, with a bottle of Château Gaudou 1996, a red wine from Cahors with smooth tannins and a balanced nose.


Anne Trager loves France so much she has lived there for 27 years and just can’t seem to leave. What keeps her there is a uniquely French mix of pleasure seeking and creativity. Well, that and the wine. In 2011, she woke up one morning and said, “I just can’t stand it anymore. There are way too many good books being written in France not reaching a broader audience.” That’s when she founded Le French Book to translate some of those books into English. The company’s motto is “If we love it, we translate it,” and Anne loves crime fiction, mysteries and detective novels.


Sally Pane studied French at State University of New York Oswego and the Sorbonne before receiving her Masters Degree in French Literature from the University of Colorado where she wrote Camus and the Americas: A Thematic Analysis of Three Works Based on His Journaux de Voyage. Her career includes more than twenty years of translating and teaching French and Italian at Berlitz and at University of Colorado Boulder. She has worked in scientific, legal and literary translation; her literary translations include Operatic Arias; Singers Edition, and Reality and the Untheorizable by Clément Rosset, along with a number of titles in the Winemaker Detective series. She also served as the interpreter for the government cabinet of Rwanda and translated for Dian Fossey’s Digit Fund. In addition to her passion for French, she has studied Italian at Colorado University, in Rome and in Siena. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband.


Follow Le French Book on Twitter | on Facebook
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Global Giveaway:
Open Internationally
5 participants will each win a copy of this book
Be sure to follow each participant on Twitter/Facebook, for more chances to win

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Visit each blogger on the tour: tweeting about the giveaway everyday of the Tour will give you 5 extra entries each time! [just follow the directions on the entry-form]



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Book Beginnings & Friday 56 - #10

Book Beginnings on Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Rose City Reader. Every Friday we share the first sentence (or so) of the book we’re currently reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires.

My Book Beginning:  

Unbinding (World of the Lupi, Book 11) by Eileen Wilks


Aleri in Winter

Kai hadn’t had a cup of coffee in eighteen months. 
That’s what she was thinking about when the Queen of Winter’s emissary came to see her – about coffee and her favorite mug.

My Thoughts:  To be completely honest, this would be a huge, huge problem for me.  I have at least 1 if not more (usually more) cup of coffee a day.  I can’t imagine going that long without it…

What do you think?  Don't forget to leave your book beginning below and to link-up at Rose City Reader.  


Friday 56 is a weekly meme hosted by Freda's Voice on every Friday.

To Play along here are the Rules:

*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader (If you have to improvise, that's ok.)
*Find any sentence, (or few, just don't spoil it)
*Post it.
*Add your post below. 
*Don’t forget to add your post URL (not your blog url) at Freda’s Voice.  
*It's that simple.

My 56 (Also from Unbinding by Eileen Wilks ): 

     “I’m the closest thing you’ve got to an expert on sidhe magic and religion – specifically, one pissed-off chaos god.  I’m also a mindhealer,” she added to the assistant chief.  “My gift lets me see the colors and patterns of thoughts, which is why I need to look over the transformed building carefully.  Intent is a component in spells, and it often leaves traces – remnants – I’m able to see.”

My Thoughts:  I’d let her do her job without bothering her – he’s clearly pushing her buttons the wrong way!

About Unbinding by Eileen Wilks

After questing through the sidhe realms with her ex-hellhound lover, Nathan, Kai Tallman Michalski has finally returned home. But she knows Nathan will eventually be called back to serve his queen—and Kai will have to decide whether to enter her majesty’s service as well. Sure, the job comes with great bennies, but there’s one big downside: she would have to swear absolute fealty to the Queen of Winter.

For now, though, Kai is glad to be home, and glad that Nathan completed his mission for his queen with surprising ease. But what seemed to be a quick conclusion turns out to be anything but. The two of them helped thwart the sidhe god of chaos—and he is not happy about that. He’s got plans for them. Plans, too, for the sidhe who killed him some three millennia ago. Nor has he abandoned his plans for Earth, as they learn when chaos begins bursting out all over...

Don't forget to post your meme's and link up at both host locations.  

Have a great Friday! 


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving full of family, laughter and love!

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Virtual Tour & #Giveaway for Thirty Days to Thirty by Courtney Psak

Thirty Days to Thirty
By Courtney Psak

Publisher:  Camp Publishing
Release Date: September 13, 2015
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Length: 226 Pages
ISBN: 978-0996815918

About the book:

What if you were on the cusp of marrying the guy of your dreams and reaching that career goal you set for yourself, only for all of it to be taken away in one fell swoop? 

What if this all happened a month before you turned 30? 

This is the story of Jill Stevens, who after moving back home, finds a list she made in high school of thirty things she wanted to accomplish before her thirtieth birthday. 

With a month left and hardly anything crossed off her list, she teams up with old friends to accomplish as much as she can before the big 3-0. Along the way, she discovers her true self and realizes it’s not about the material successes in life but the journey. 

“That wasn’t so bad, right?” he says to me once we’ve gotten off the ride and are now walking towards the exit.

I stare at him while holding a bunch of paper towels to my mouth. When I got off the coaster, everyone jumped like I was a zombie about to attack them. One mother even ran away with her kid. The snot-nosed teenager pulled a bunch of paper towels out from behind his stand.

“Happens to one in every five people,” he says, not really caring.  “Come on, you were having fun until you cracked your face.”

I can’t help but smile a bit, even though it hurts. “I have to admit, that was a lot of fun.” I laugh, trying to smooth my hair out. “Oh my gosh, what a thrill. I’m still shaking.”

“Oh, this I gotta see,” he says, stopping me in front of a shed.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, they take your pictures on every roller coaster and you can choose to buy it or not.”

“They take pictures of you?” I say. “That has to be the cruelest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

“Oh, nice.” He starts laughing. I scan through the photos on the monitors until I find us. Chris is making a goofy face and smiling while I have my mouth as wide open as it can go, and full of blood. Seriously, you can see my tonsils in this picture. Then I see my eyes are popping out of my skull.

“Oh my gosh, this is horrible,” I say, putting my head down afraid someone might recognize me.

“I’d like to purchase that, please,” he says, pulling out his wallet from his back pocket.

“Why would you do this to me?” I ask him while tugging on his arm.

“Because it’s too good,” he says, putting the money down and taking the picture from the man. He opens up the folder one more time to show me before closing it again. I make a face of disgust.

“I appreciate your sympathy,” I tell him.
“For you,” he says, handing the photo to me.

“Why did you get this for me?” I ask, confused. I figured my bitching made it clear I never wanted to see this again.

“Because it’s a memory of your first ever roller coaster. It’s a very important feat.”

“Sure.” I laugh, looking at it again.

“Don’t you feel just a little more confident now?” he says, putting his arm around me again.

“You know something, I do,” I tell him. “Hell, I’m even going to go as far as posting this on my blog tonight.”

“I will see that you do,” he says. “So are you tired now?”

“Exhausted, actually, this day really took it out of me. Not to mention my gums are bleeding.”

“Well, you did what you came here to do. Now let’s go home.”

We say our good-byes to Liz and Tim who are trying to get their kids to willingly leave the park and head towards Chris’s car.

“So I know this sounds strange,” I say, buckling my seat belt. “But I still feel like I don’t know you all that well.”

“Really?” he says, surprised as he starts the car and we drive away.

“I know that seems stupid. I mean, I know your childhood, I know what you do now, but it’s like there is this big ten-year gap that I don’t really know anything about.”

“Well, when you put it that way, I guess I could say the same for you,” he says. “What do you want to know?”

I want to ask why he’s still living at home, but something keeps me from asking that, at least right away. “Is your favorite color still red?” I start with.

He laughs for a second. “That’s what concerns you with this ten-year gap? That my favorite color has changed?”

“I don’t know,” I laugh.

“Well, you’re right. My favorite color is now yellow. And the minute I came to that realization, I have to say something, my whole life changed. It’s like my life flashed before me and I realized that if I didn’t change my favorite color my whole life was doomed.”

I burst out laughing and he does as well. “Okay, your turn. You can ask me.”

“Hmm,” he thinks for a second. “I pretty much know a lot more than you think, because you really spilled your guts to me that first night,” he laughs.

I roll my eyes.

“I guess, um,” he starts to think again. I notice that his face turns serious.
“Why did we break up in the first place?” he says, looking at me.

I feel my face get hot and I shift in my seat. “I don’t know, we were kids really, we didn’t know what we wanted,” I start. “I guess it was mainly because our lives were going in separate directions, you know, off to different colleges …” I trail off.

“Really? It didn’t have to do with me being a slacker?”

“I’d say more of me being a workaholic.”

He smiles as if I’m saying that to be nice, but to me it was the truth. The rest of the ride is pretty silent.

“All right, well, here we are,” he says pulling up to my driveway. “Thanks for inviting me,” he says.

“Thanks for coming,” I reply. “I would’ve never ridden that scary thing without you.” I give him a quick pat on the knee and jump out the car. I panicked since I don’t know how to react with him, especially when we are saying our good-byes. Normally I would kiss him on the cheek, but I was nervous he’d view that wrong. When I get inside, I shake my head at myself.

Author Bio:

Courtney Psak is a New Jersey native who grew up with a passion for reading and writing.

After traveling the world, she settled into New York City where she earned her Masters in Publishing.

She is a member of the National Writers Association and the Women's Fiction Writers Association.

She currently resides in Hoboken with her husband. She spends her weekends seeking adventure through hiking, skiing and traveling.

Thank you for stopping at my spot on the Virtual Tour, presented by CLP Blog Tours, for Thirty Days to Thirty by Courtney Psak.  You may enter Courtney’s Tour Wide Giveaway, where one (1) randomly chosen commenter will be awarded a $50 Amazon GC, by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  You may follow all of the stops on Courtney’s tour on the schedule below.

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Tour Schedule

November 17 – Chick Lit Plus – Review

November 18 – Book Groupies – Review

November 19 – Chick Lit Goddess – Q&A & Excerpt

November 19 – Change the Word – Q&A

November 24 – Love Chick Lit – Review & Excerpt

November 25 – Queen of All She Reads – Excerpt

November 27 – Authors and Readers Book Corner – Excerpt

November 27 – Granny Loves to Read – Review & Excerpt

December 1 – Annabel and Alice – Review

December 2 – Wendi Nunnery – Review

December 2 – A British Bookworm – Excerpt

December 3- The Write Review – Excerpt

December 4 – Jersey Girl Book Reviews – Review, Q&A & Excerpt

December 4 – The Phantom Paragrapher – Review

December 7 – Reecas Pieces – Review & Excerpt