Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaf Letters

Author: Christina Lynn Ashley

Genre: Romantic/Erotica

Type: E-Book

Purchase : Purchase from Sugar & Spice Publications

Ellen Howlett has been Martin Smythe’s neighbor for only a few months, but already she lusts for him. Unfortunately, the handsome banker thinks she’s an unemployed, crazy cat lady with a penchant for dumping leaves in his yard. Ellen can’t keep her mind off Martin, but there’s little hope for romance when Bastard Kitty, her furry child, keeps prancing all over the man’s new BMW and leaving scratches! The two have nothing in common but arguments over the damn cat.Still, Grandmother Wagner’s spirit, who resides in the house with Ellen, won’t rest until the two are hitched—or so says her friend Sam, who sees dead people. What’s a girl to do?

My Review:

This was the first e-book that I have read from this author. The character development was strong. I really liked the main female character, Ellen Howlett. I had issues with the male character, Martin, as I didn't feel his character was as well developed and that it impacted the story somewhat. I also thought that the story was rushed at the end and would have liked a longer ending with more in depth development.
 Overall I liked the story.

Rating:   3 of 5 Crowns