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Tasty Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway for Two Dukes and a Scandal

Welcome to my stop on the Two Dukes and a Scandal Virtual Book Tour, presented by Tasty Book Tours.  Please leave a comment or question for the authors to let them know you stopped by.  You can enter the tour wide giveaway (sponsored by Avon Romance) by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  You can also follow the rest of the tour here, the more stops you visit, the better your odds of winning. I will be doing a feature for each book involved individually below.
How to Lose a Duke in 10 Days
By Laura Lee Guhrke
An American Heiress in London, Book #2

Publisher: Avon Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 384 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-062118-19-6
ASIN: B00G97C51K

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About the book: 

From USA Today bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke comes the story of a bargain, a marriage of convenience…and the chance for love to last a lifetime

They had a deal…

From the moment she met the devil-may-care Duke of Margrave, Edie knew he could change her life. And when he agreed to her outrageous proposal of a marriage of convenience, she was transformed from ruined American heiress to English duchess. Five years later, she’s delighted with their arrangement, especially since her husband is living on another continent.

But deals are made to be broken…

By marrying an heiress, Stuart was able to pay his family’s enormous debts, and Edie’s terms that he leave England forever seemed a small price to pay. But when a brush with death impels him home, he decides it’s time for a real marriage with his luscious American bride, and he proposes a bold new bargain: ten days to win her willing kiss. But is ten days enough to win her heart?

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But what did the family think of it all? The dowager duchess put on a brave show, of course, though she couldn’t possibly approve. Margrave’s sister told everyone she liked the changes made to the ducal residences, but of course, she would say so. Nadine was one of those amiable, self-absorbed nitwits who never seemed offended by what anyone did. Cecil, though, surely he must resent the situation. No wonder he spent so much time in Scotland. Some said the duchess enjoyed wielding the powers that were the special privilege of the sterner sex. Others did not see how that could be so, for what woman could enjoy the coarse and burdensome duties of men?

The one thing most of the ladies did agree on was that the duchess was to be pitied, not judged. There she was, poor thing, filling her empty days with masculine responsibilities, with her husband off in Kenya, and without even children to comfort her. Yes, poor, poor thing. The duchess’s reaction to these discussions, whenever she chanced to hear of them, was to smile. If only they knew! The truth would shock them right out of their proper British sensibilities. Her marriage was perfect. It wasn’t the sort of marriage the British approved, for there was no heir. And it wasn’t the sort Americans approved, because it wasn’t based on love, and it certainly wasn’t the sort of marriage she’d envisioned as a young, romantic girl.

But Saratoga had stripped her of any romantic notions she’d ever had. Just the thought of that place and what had happened there made Edie feel a bit sick. She turned her face away so Joanna wouldn’t see her expression as she worked to blot out the dark day that had changed her life forever. She concentrated on the warm sun that washed over her in the open landau and breathed deeply of the fresh English air, working to shove away the smell of a musty Saratoga summerhouse and Frederick Van Hausen’s hot panting breath on her face. She listened to the clatter of carriage wheels so she wouldn’t hear the sound of her own sobs or the whispered titters of New York society about that hussy Edie Jewell.

Author Bio:

Laura Lee Guhrke spent seven years in advertising, had a successful catering business, and managed a construction company before she decided writing novels was more fun. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Laura has penned over twenty historical romances. Her books have received many award nominations, and she is the recipient of romance fiction’s highest honor: the Romance Writers of America RITA Award. She lives in the Northwest with her husband (or, as she calls him, her very own romance hero), along with two diva cats and a Golden Retriever happy to be their slave. Laura loves hearing from readers, and you can contact her via her website: www.lauraleeguhrke.com

Redemption of the Duke
By Gayle Callen
Brides of Redemption, Book #3

Publisher: Avon Romance
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 384 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-62267-96-2
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About the book: 

USA Today bestselling author Gayle Callen concludes her new series with a tale of generosity, passion, and the true kindness of the heart.

A duke who needs to be tamed…a lady who refuses to be rescued.

Adam Chamberlin was the third son of a duke, known for gambling binges and drunken nights. No one expected anything of him …until tragedy strikes. Now Adam is the new Duke of Rothford, determined to right the wrongs he’s done. Except a secret in his past means helping the one woman who doesn’t want his help at all…

It’s not every day that a duke introduces himself to a woman sitting by herself in Hyde Park. Faith Cooper is even more surprised when Adam offers her a position as a lady’s companion to his elderly aunt. Faith refuses to be beholden to a man again-certainly not this man, who both infuriates and attracts her. But with the simmering passion between them, will Faith surrender to forbidden desire?

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Adam Chamberlin sat alone in his London study, preoccupied once again by the astonishing realization that he was now the Duke of Rothford—he, the youngest of three sons, who’d been called a scoundrel and a rake and worse by his own brothers. For many years he’d taken great pleasure in living up to that. He and his younger sister were the offspring of his father’s second marriage to a much younger woman who’d brought little but beauty to the family, not property or connections. Adam’s brothers had never let him forget it, although always out of earshot of their father.

He’d deserved Society’s scorn once upon a time; he’d even reveled in it—anything to prove to his brothers that their threats and their condemnation didn’t matter to him.

Before joining the army, he’d never been responsible for anything or anyone. But the Eighth Dragoon Guards had shown him that a man could be judged on his honorable deeds, not his ancestors or his money. He’d been able to start over, to support himself instead of holding his breath waiting for his father to die and his brothers to make good on their threats of cutting him off. 

Author Bio:

After a detour through fitness instructing and computer programming, Gayle Callen found the life she’d always dreamed of as a romance writer. This USA Today bestselling author has written more than eighteen historical romances for Avon Books, and her novels have won the Holt Medallion and the Laurel Wreath Award.

Gayle lives in Central New York with her three children, her dog, Apollo, and her husband, Jim the Romance Hero.

Visit her website at www.gaylecallen.com

It Takes a Scandal
By Caroline Linden
Scandals, Book #2

Publisher: Avon Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 384 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-062244-90-1

Pre-Order Links:  Amazon | B&N | iTunes

About the book: 

The second book in a deliciously sexy new series from USA Today bestselling and RITA award winning author Caroline Linden, in which an utterly shocking book--Fifty Shades of Grey for the Regency era-- has all of London talking and gives more than one young miss a mind for scandal.

Sometimes it takes a scandal . . .

Abigail Weston has everything: beauty, wit, and one of the largest dowries in England. Her parents hope she’ll wed an earl. Abigail hopes for a man who wants her desperately and passionately. But the money seems to blind every man she meets-except one.

Sebastian Vane has nothing. He came home from war with a shattered leg to find his father mad and his inheritance gone. He’s not a fit suitor for anyone, let alone an heiress. But Abigail lights up his world like a comet, bright and beautiful and able to see him instead of his ruined reputation. And it might end happily ever after . . .

To reveal your heart’s desire

Until Benedict Lennox begins courting Abigail. Ben is everything Sebastian isn’t-wealthy, charming, heir to an earl. Sebastian won’t give up the only girl he’s ever loved without a fight, but Abigail must choose between the penniless gentleman who moves her heart, and the suitor who is everything her parents want.

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“Don’t mind him,” said a voice. “He won’t hurt you.”

The sound of someone so near almost sent her leaping out of her skin. It took her a moment to locate the speaker. He wore a brown coat that blended with the trees, but took off his hat as he approached.

“He startled me,” she managed to say.

The stranger’s mouth quirked. “He does that sometimes. Sit,” he said to his dog, who obediently sat. “Is that your dog in the bracken?”

“Yes. I mean, it’s my mother’s dog,” she replied. “Milo. He’s only a puppy, but he ran off and I think he might have a rabbit in his mouth.”

He looked toward the whimpering sounds. “A terrier?”

“Yes, a small golden brown one.”

He nodded. “I’ll fetch him out.” He glanced at her dress. “You don’t seem well-dressed for walking in the woods.”

She blushed, and realized she was still holding her gown in a death grip, pulling the fabric tightly around her hips and exposing her legs almost to the knee. “I didn’t plan to walk in the woods. The cursed dog ran away, and I was chasing him.” She released her skirts, fluffing them a bit.

His gaze flicked downward for a moment, following the descent of her skirt. “It looks like a very elegant party you’re attending. I don’t want to keep you from it.” He hung his hat on a branch just over his head and headed into the thicket of bracken and fallen trees, whistling between his teeth as he went. Only when he had to step over a tree branch did she notice he used a cane, pressed tight to his left side.

“Thank you, sir,” Abigail called after him self-consciously.

Author Bio:

Caroline Linden was born a reader, not a writer. She earned a math degree from Harvard University and wrote computer software before turning to writing fiction. Ten years, twelve books, two Red Sox championships, and one dog later, she has never been happier with her decision. Her books have won the NEC Reader’s Choice Beanpot Award, the Daphne du Maurier Award, and RWA’s RITA Award. Since she never won any prizes in math, she takes this as a sign that her decision was also a smart one. Visit her online at www.carolinelinden.com


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