Friday, February 15, 2013

TV Obsession - Ripper Street on BBC America

Ripper Street on BBC America has become my new Saturday night obsession.  Set in London's East end in 1889 six months after the last of the Jack The Ripper murders, this series follows the exploits of the "H" division, charged with policing an area of less than 2 miles with a population of 67,000 or more people.  

Starring Matthew MacFadyen (formerly of "Spooks") as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, Jerome Flynn as Detective Sergeant Bennett Drake, and Adam Rothenberg as US Army surgeon and former Pinkerton agent Captain Homer Jackson, these three men become a task force of sorts trying to solve the continuing crimes against women in an area now nick named "Ripper Street".  

So far four of the eight episodes shot have been shown and I've been glued to each one.  A new crime takes place and is solved every week with the underlying mystery of the identity of "Jack the Ripper" still unsolved.  As these men solve current crimes taking place they are plagued with the question of whether or not "Jack" is dead, retired or planning a return.  

As the men solve crimes, we are given insight into their personal and professional lives and secrets.  We also get to see the women in their lives and the problems their relationships undergo.

Already renewed for a second season (to air in 2014), I'm looking forward to watching the remaining 4 episodes left in this season.  Then I'll be counting down the days for the return of "Copper", one of my other television guilty pleasures. about you?  Have you been watching "Ripper Street"?  

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