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Blurb Blitz & #Giveaway for Buried Dolls by Lynn Hones

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Buried Dolls
By Lynn Hones

Publisher:  Devine Destinies (eXtasy Books, Inc.)
Release Date: June 22, 2016
Genre: Y/A Paranormal Romance
Length: 237 Pages
ISBN: 9781487407131

About the book:

Jody had the misfortune of breaking her ankle. The only available apartment to convalesce in is a derelict mansion just outside of town. The tenants prefer to keep to themselves except when sneaking strange dolls into her rooms. Suffering from loss of memory after a horrific event destroyed her biological family, Jody clutches at straws trying to find out who she is and why some people in the house leave her clues to get out or get murdered. Find out if Jody regains her memory, what happened to her family and who, among her friends, is actually her enemy, working to see her killed.


Adam took a sip of his beer. “Let’s just say I’ve seen some things. Things I wish I hadn’t seen. As much as I love my friends, Toron and Astrid, they practice certain aspects of voodoo. Not voodoo, per se, but something closely related. More of a combination of different beliefs.”

 “Now you have to open up and share with us what these things you saw were.” Sienna was coming on strong and Jody could tell by Adam’s demeanor he wanted the subject changed. Jody chimed in.

“He said he’s not comfortable, Si, let it go, okay?” The mood in the room felt charged and it wasn’t just the storm. Sienna, for a reason Jody couldn’t understand, was out for the kill.

“What do you know about voodoo dolls?” Sienna asked.

“I know a little,” he said. “I know that they are misunderstood.”


“Yes. The voodoo doll was not native to Haiti as most believe, but Europe. They’re a combination of the European Poppet and the Western African practice of Bocio.” He took a bite of his pizza and then wiped his face on a napkin. “Their original purpose was not to harm people, but most people came to that conclusion as the European Poppet was made as a sympathetic doll.”

“A sympathetic doll?” Sienna said.

“Yeah,” he said. “Whatever happens to the doll, happens in real life. Thus, the sticking of pins. But dolls were used as far back as 1100 BC. Enemies of Ramses III of Egypt made wax images to bring about his death.”

“Fascinating,” Porter said.

“Anything else,” Sienna said.

“Do you have a candle?” Adam asked Jody.

 AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Lynn Hones has been married for 28 years and is mother to two lovely daughters. She has two rescued cats and two dogs who are so big she calls them livestock. She lives in a large, drafty old home on the shores of Lake Erie and loves nothing better than grabbing an armful of books and heading to the beach. She combs the beaches for beach glass and makes jewelry out of it Living in a historic harbor town, she has lots of inspiration for her books. She loves to write and chew massive amounts of bubblegum; preferably at the same time. She’s an expert bubble blower.

Devine Destines:

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