Monday, May 30, 2016

Cover Reveal & #Giveaway for Dancing with Flames by Susan Illene

Welcome to my stop on the Cover Reveal Tour, presented by Bewitching Book Tours, for Dancing with Flames by Susan Illene.  Please leave a comment or question for Susan to let her know you stopped by.   

Dancing with Flames
By: Susan Illene
Dragon’s Breath Series, Book Two

Date of Publication:  June 24th, 2016
Genre:  Dark Fantasy/New Adult/Post-apocalyptic
Cover Artist: Jeff Brown and Claudia McKinney

About the book: 

Four months ago, fire breathing dragons invaded Earth from an alternate dimension, wreaking havoc on modern civilization.  Bailey Monzac has been training to kill them ever since discovering she was impervious to their flames, but when some of the beasts begin targeting children, she can’t hold back any longer and must hunt them down.

Her ally, Aidan, would help, except the shape-shifter has his own troubles.  His clan is battling for territory against the pure dragons and his father—their leader—is dying.  As the shifters fight for the pendragon position, fierce rivalry takes over. Aidan’s own brothers aren’t above blackmail and murder if it will get them to the top.  He must stay one step ahead if he is to survive and keep his clan safe from the pure dragons who threaten them all.

Bailey and Aidan may be natural-born enemies, but working together might be the only thing that saves them from the danger that lies ahead.

About the Author:

Susan Illene served in the US Army for eleven years and worked as a human resources specialist and an Arabic linguist. She served two deployments to Iraq, and after leaving the army, she studied history at the University of Oklahoma. She and her husband currently live in Oklahoma with two high-maintenance cats doing their best to help her write her books.

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  1. Question to the author: Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?

    1. I don't have any strange writing habits, unless you count that I seem to always be surrounded by animals when I write. They try to help, which is surprisingly not very helpful.

  2. Susan, When I went to GoodReads, I saw your collection of works. Are any of these series, that have to be read in a specific order?

    1. I currently have two series. The first is the Sensor Series, which has six books and several novellas and short stories. It's urban fantasy and set in Alaska. The final novel for it just came out a couple of months ago, though it will get spin-offs.

      The Dragon's Breath Series (which is what this cover reveal is for) is semi-urban fantasy, but also has apocalyptic elements. It's set in Oklahoma, though it will have some scenes in Texas as the story progresses. Right now, the first book is out and I'll release the 2nd novel in less than a month!

  3. Thanks for this feature and giveaway. A very creative author and fascinating series.