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Book Tour for The Mother's Day Magic Box Set

Welcome to my stop on the Book Tour for the Mother's Day Magic Box Set.  Please leave a comment or question for the authors to let them know you stopped by.

An Interview With Cornelia Amiri 
Bestselling Author and Queen of Celtic Romance

The Story I’ve Contributed Is I Love You More

On turning sixty, Garland recalls memories of her life’s journey from an abusive childhood to a bad marriage to the ups and downs of a single mom. She is rewarded with a magical mother’s day with her loving family. 

What Was The Inspiration For Your Mother’s Day Magic Story? 

A good deal was drawn from my own experiences as a single mother. I think most moms, especially single moms, can relate to it. There are a lot of families that are headed by women, sometimes just one mom and her child, but they are still families in every sense of what a family means. I wanted to acknowledge these strong, loving single moms and the wonderful children they are raising or have raised. They’re doing a great job.  

How much research was involved in writing your story? How did you go about it

Because it was contemporary and set where I live, I really didn’t have to do much research. That’s unusual for me, most books I write require a great deal of research. 

How often do your characters surprise you by doing or saying something totally unexpected? 

In every book, there are moments when that happens. It’s one of the things I look forward to when I’m writing the first draft. 

Do you miss spending time with your characters when you finish writing this story? 

I will think of my characters forever. Certain ones are very close to my heart.  My characters are part of me. In an emotional sense, they will always be alive to me. 

What writer has been your biggest inspiration? 

Morgan Llewellyn and Marion Zimmer Bradley are my strongest inspirations. Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote fantasies, Morgan Llewellyn writes historicals, and I write romances, but like them, I use historical knowledge and realistic fantasy that pulls from the ancient Celtic belief system. 

What non-writer had the most influence on your life And why?

The Celtic Warrior Queen Boudica is a main one, she made me start writing. I love history, and in reading a book about the dark ages, I came across Boudica. I was so inspired, I started jotting down notes, but they were fiction (it-must-have-happened-like-this type). Before I knew it, I had written a novel. I thought, gosh I can really do this. So after accidentally writing that novel, I wrote one on purpose, The Celtic Fox, which turned out to be my first published book. 

How important is the choosing of character names to you? Have you ever decided on a name and then changed it because it wasn’t right for the character? 

The character names are important and yes I have changed them. Garland and Judson seemed the right names for the characters. When I write stories set in the bronze age or iron age, I have to try to find ancient Celtic names. When I wrote about the Picts, I could only find one authentic female Pict name, Bethoc, so that was the name of my heroine in The Scottish Selkie, there was no other name for her. However, it worked out perfect, because no other name would suit my Bethoc, her name was clearly meant to be Bethoc.

Do you allow others to read your work in progress, or do you keep it a secret until you’ve finished your first draft? 

No one reads the first draft but me. When I have it polished enough to show my critique partners, then they see it. I send it to my editor when I feel I’ve done all I can for it. I don’t show it to anyone else until it’s published or submitted to a publisher. 

What inspired you to write your first book? 

I had an idea for a plot in my head that was inspired by the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, with the dwarfs. But nothing much more than the plot idea. I was working as a file clerk at the time, and one day I was having an allergic reaction to dust. I closed my eyes to get a grip and in my head I saw the face of this man with reddish brown eyes and thick auburn hair, he reminded me of a red fox. Suddenly, the plot I had been kicking around had a hero and a title, The Fox Prince. I later changed the title to The Celtic Fox. 

 What might we be surprised to know about you?

That along with the romances, I sometimes try my hand at other genres. I wrote a contemporary mystery called Dead End Job, a horror story called Taliesin’s Song, a Young Adult fantasy, non-romance, called Samhain Calls, and a modern-day, non-romance fantasy called The Ghost Lights of Marfa. The later is published by itself, and the other three are in book called, Reach…Reach across the genres. 

Mother’s Day Magic

The perfect Mother’s Day Gift, written with love, sent with love.

Every mother’s heart holds a bit of magic…her children’s love. Enchantment awaits in a dozen brand new, previously unpublished-stories, written by #1 bestselling and/or multi-award winning authors from across the globe. Whether it’s a captivating tale of romance or fiction fashioned from loving memories, these poignant stories are sure to touch your heart.
10% of proceeds from this anthology will go to the USA National Multiple Sclerosis Society toward research.

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Felt by the Heart by Angela Ford
#1 Bestselling, Amazon Top 50 and Award-Winning Author
Rachel fiftieth birthday approached, the forever she found with Ryan ended with heartache. And for her daughter, the second chance of having a dad. Will Rachel find the strength to rebuild her life and her daughter's?


“Rachel, my darling angel, how is your heart? Is what I mean.”

Her eyes drifted toward him, she smiled and hid her emotions as she usually did.

“It’s good too.”

Allan patted her on the back and walked toward the oven as the timer beeped.

“Someday, someday, my dear angel; you will have to talk to someone. If you continue to keep it all bottled up and ignore your emotions, your heart will never heal.”

Words of wisdom came from his heart. Rachel knew it. She appreciated her dear friend and knew he was right. Life had been so busy over the past six months; she hardly had the time to think about it. For the most part he was right; she ignored the matters of her heart. She left her marriage, her best friend, and her daughter suffered from yet one more broken family; among other stressors as a teenager, her son left for Toronto and she had started her own business. Her days had been filled with sorrow, happiness, success, and confusion all at once. She had not heard from Ryan. Some days she wondered if he had moved, was drinking himself into oblivion, or if he simply wanted to avoid her. Rachel never did reply to his last email. So many times she’d thought about it, but the hurt she felt in her heart kept her from doing so. She attempted but would hit the delete button. Each time she tried, tears formed and made her stop. At that point, so much time had passed; it only confirmed that it was over for them. Their forever had disappeared. His hurtful words of “wasted time” still lingered in her heart.

She had made her decision and was going to live with it. It was a great price for peace in her life, and for her kids.

She grabbed her coffee and headed to the sunroom. She looked up when she heard Brooke. Sleepily she said good morning and told her mom she was starving. For such a small framed girl, she could eat.

“Come join me for breakfast, Mom. I don’t want to eat alone.”

Rachel heard her slippers drag across the hardwood floors, still half-asleep. She chuckled inside. Her daughter was just so darn cute and confident at the same time. The invitation was time with her daughter and that was priceless. It would also distract her from the thoughts that raced through her mind.

“Right behind you, sweetie.”

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