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Virtual Book Tour for Beneath Manhattan Skies by Emma Meade

Join author Emma Meade on her Virtual Book Tour for Beneath Manhattan Skies, presented by Bewitching Book Tours, from November 25 – December 9, 2013.  Please leave a comment or question for Emma to let her know you stopped by.  You can follow the rest of Emma’s tour here

Beneath Manhattan Skies
Emma Meade

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance (Vampires)

ISBN-13: 978-1492192879

Number of pages: 186 paperback book
Word Count: 45,000

Cover Artist: Najla Qamber  

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About the book: 

November in New York is cold but full of possibility for college freshman Erin Harris. When her twin brother, Nick, shows up on her doorstep for a surprise visit, Erin is delighted. Unfortunately, Nick’s arrival coincides with the discovery of a body outside her apartment building, a body drained of blood. Right away, Nick assumes vampires are involved. He’s not exactly their biggest fan since Erin dated one in high school.

Juggling nosy roommates, a first date with a gorgeous guy from college and a brother on a Van Helsing kick is enough to keep any nineteen year old girl busy - And then Erin’s old flame walks back into her life.

Is Erin destined to be caught up in supernatural shenanigans, or will she choose a different path?

*Beneath Manhattan Skies is a standalone story, following the character Erin Harris from Under the Desert Moon.

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Nick and Erin kept a lookout for anyone of the supernatural persuasion, a difficult task since Erin doubted vampires went clubbing with the words I want your blood printed on their shirts. What had James and his maker in common? Agility, gracefulness, a predatory sway. It should be simple to spot one. Yeah right!

        They had zero proof the vampire or vampires responsible for both deaths even frequented the place, if it’s even vampires, she reminded herself. But if the cops were interested in the club, then it was the only lead Erin and Nick had.

        “If we do see a vampire, what next?” Erin asked.

        “We follow him.”

        “And then what? Ask if they'd like a bloody beverage? A diet Coke with a splash of O Negative?

        “We kill them.”

        “Oh, of course. Because we both know how easy that is … And how exactly do we do it, oh intelligent one?” Erin spoke as low as she could over the tuneless house music. “Do you have a stake handy?”


        “What? Are you crazy?”

        Nick unzipped his coat and pointed at his inside pocket. Erin checked to see if anyone was looking before she did a quick search. Something long, wooden and narrow. A stick.
What the hell?

        “I made it a while back. Just in case.”

        “Just in case,” Erin parroted. “Just what exactly have you been up to in Boston?”


        “Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Van Helsing, but I wasn't aware my brother had become a vampire hunter.”

        “Can we talk about this later?”

        “You talk about it later. I'm going to the bar.”

Before Nick could protest, Erin stormed off. She hadn't known Nick to keep a secret from her, ever. But not only had he been carrying out research of the supernatural persuasion behind her back, here he was walking around with a homemade stake in his pocket, hell bent on some stupid vampire hunting mission.

        Erin berated herself for coming to the club. If she and Nick came up against a vampire, the odds were not in their favor. Once again, the question came unbidden. Where are you, James?

About the Author:

Emma Meade lives in Ireland where it rains a lot. Reading and writing supernatural fiction, watching marathon re-runs of Buffy and drinking lots and lots of tea are some of her favourite activities. She’s never met a vampire, but thinks it would be kind of cool to meet one. Visit her on her blog, Emma’s Ramblings on Supernatural fiction at or on her website



Twitter:  @EmmaMeadeIrl

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My Review

A young woman in love with the “wrong” man, a vampire trying to do what’s best for the woman he loves, a brother trying to keep his sister safe, and a handful of nosy roommates make Beneath Manhattan Skies by Emma Meade an enjoyable new adult paranormal romance.  While the pacing is a little uneven, it begins very slowly but picks up quite a bit of steam near the end, and the characters aren’t as well developed as I normally like, Ms. Meade’s world building is interesting and the dialogue is good.  There’s also enough emotional angst to keep drama taking place believable.

Moving to New York City to go to art school was an easy choice for Erin Harris.  Leaving her love for a certain vampire boyfriend behind, not so much.  Especially since James hasn’t followed her to New York and taken their “affair” to the next level as she expected.  Making new friends, getting roommates and checking out the local hot spots, Erin begins to think it’s time to move on and get a warm blooded, human boyfriend.  Only nothing goes according to plan once Nick, Erin’s twin brother shows up.

Ms. Meade does a good job developing Erin’s character.  Told from Erin’s point of view, we learn about the life she left behind in Arizona and the life she’s begun to carve out for herself in New York.  A somewhat shy and studious girl, Erin is just about ready to leave everything she knows about romance behind when her ex makes a sudden appearance and she’s forced to choose between the past and a completely different future.  The secondary characters, from Erin’s twin brother Nick, to Sadie, one of her roommates and her new best friend, all pull and push her in different directions.  I enjoyed getting to know all three of her roommates and watch their interactions with each other and with Erin.

Is Erin willing to take a new chance on love with an ordinary human?  Will the vampires in her life let let Erin and her friends live now that they all know about their existence?  You’ll have to read Beneath Manhattan Skies to find out.  I enjoyed it and I think you could too.

My Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Crowns

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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