Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Book Tour & #Giveaway for A Girl Called Monster by Paige Lavoie

Welcome to my stop on the Book Tour, presented by Silver Dagger Book Tours, for A Girl Called Monster by Paige Lavoie.  Please leave a comment or question for Paige to let her know you stopped by.  You may enter her tour wide giveaway by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  Good Luck!

A Girl Called Monster
by Paige Lavoie
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Where she came from there were no windows. The sounds of buzzing equipment and the doctor's shouting rang through her ears daily. It was too uncomfortable to call home and too familiar not to be. Like it or not, she was an experiment.

Filled with childlike wonder and innocence, she took pleasure in stories, imagining what it would be like to live in those pages. A longing growing deep inside her.

She knew she'd never have that life... Not in the lab. Not with them studying her every move. So she decided to do something terrifying.

I couldn’t do anything right when it came to him. Sit here. Eat this. Do it again. Try harder. Speak louder. I thought about the words he’d just said—You still have so much to learn—and wondered if I’d ever be finished.

“If I learn more, can I go outside that door?”

“What do you think is on the other side?” he asked, the darkness in his voice sending chills up my spine. I expected him to be scrambling around, looking for a pen or paper, but instead, he held that small recording device in his hand.

“A-a-answer me first,” I insisted. The stammering gave away my nerves, but I held a firm gaze on the doctor, which seemed to amuse him. He shook his head, a smirk now on his lips.

“No, I don’t think so.” I closed my mouth tightly, my thoughts drifting to the stories I’d been told. The towns and people, the bright blue sky, and the trees, with birds in them. Creatures like that poor, sweet thing that I’d tried to bring back to life.

“Birds…sky…” I trailed off as I looked around the room, my nerves building, but my eyes met his as I uttered my last thought.


“And you believe such a world that you’ve read about in stories exists?” I hesitated, but nodded, then shook my head. Try as I might, I couldn’t be sure. I couldn’t picture or imagine anything other than the walls around me. In my dreams, little flecks of what the world could be would spark up, then fade away, and I’d be left with this, just this, unable to tell if I was out of my mind. His expression didn’t change as he watched me intently.

“Ah, you’re unsure. Well, when you make up your mind, do tell me. I’d be curious to hear what you come up with in that marvelous brain of yours. And for goodness’ sake, sit in a chair.”

Paige Lavoie is a writer, comic artist and self-proclaimed queen of silly faces, with a passion for bring her characters to life with the power of storytelling (including the undead ones) Paige spends her days hiding underneath a parasol in sunny Orlando FL. and frolicking through bustling convention centers, theme parks and farmers markets with her husband and their fluffy dog named Oliver.

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