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Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway for Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by Sarah MacLean

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Welcome to my stop on the Virtual Book Tour, presented by Tasty Book Tours, for Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by Sarah MacLean.  Please leave a comment or question for Sarah to let her know you stopped by.  You can enter the tour wide giveaway being sponsored by Avon Romance, for a $50 Bookstore GC, by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  You can also follow the rest of Sarah’s tour by clicking on the banner above.  The more stops you visit, the better your odds of winning.

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover
By Sarah MacLean
The Rules of Scoundrels, Book 4

Publisher:  Avon Romance
Release Date: November 25, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
Length:  385 Pages
ISBN:  978-0062068514

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About the book: 

By day, she is Lady Georgiana, sister to a duke, ruined before her first season in the worst kind of scandal. But the truth is far more shocking-in London’s darkest corners, she is Chase, the mysterious, unknown founder of the city’s most legendary gaming hell. For years, her double identity has gone undiscovered...until now.

Brilliant, driven, handsome-as-sin Duncan West is intrigued by the beautiful, ruined woman who is somehow connected to a world of darkness and sin. He knows she is more than she seems and he vows to uncover all of Georgiana’s secrets, laying bare her past, threatening her present, and risking all she holds dear...including her heart.

Her daughter. Growing older by the second. Ten years old, soon twelve, soon twenty. And the reason Georgiana was here. She looked up at her hulking partner, this man who had saved her as many times as she had saved him. Told him the truth. “I thought I could keep her from it,” she said quietly. “I steered clear of her.”

For years. To the detriment of them both.

“I know,” he said quietly, and she was grateful for the dance that kept her from having to meet his gaze too often. She didn’t know that she could.

“I tried to keep her safe,” she repeated. But a mother could keep a child safe for only so long. “But it wasn’t enough. She’ll need more if she’s to climb out of our swill.”

Georgiana had done her best, sending Caroline to live at her brother’s home, doing her best to never sully her with the circumstances of her birth.

And it had worked, until it hadn’t.

Until last month.

“You can’t be talking about the cartoon,” he said.

“Of course I’m talking about the cartoon.”

“No one gives a damn about scandal sheets.”

She cut Temple a look. “That isn’t true and you of all people know it.”

The rumors had abounded—that her brother had told her she could not have a season, that she’d begged him. That he’d insisted that, as an unwed mother, she remain indoors. That she’d pleaded with him. That neighbors had heard screaming. Wailing. Cursing. That the duke had exiled her and she’d returned without his permission.

The gossip pages had gone wild, each trying to outdo the other with tales of the return of Georgiana Pearson, Lady Disrepute.

The most popular of the rags, The Scandal Sheet, had run the legendary cartoon—scandalizing and somewhat blasphemous, Georgiana high atop a horse, wrapped only her hair, holding a swaddled baby. Part Lady Godiva, part Virgin Mary, with the disdainful Duke of Leighton standing by, watching, horrified.

She’d ignored the cartoon, as one did, until one week prior, when an uncommonly warm day had tempted half of London into Hyde Park. Caroline had begged for a ride, and Georgiana had reluctantly left her work to join her. It had not been the first time they’d appeared in public, but it had been the first time since the cartoon, and Caroline had noticed the stares.

They’d dismounted on a rise leading down to the Serpentine, grey and muddy with late winter, and led the horses down toward the lake where a group of girls barely older than Caroline stood the way girls did—in a cluster of whispers and barbs. Georgiana had seen it enough times to know that no group of girls like this one would bring any good.

But Caroline’s hope had shone on her bright young face, and Georgiana hadn’t had the heart to pull her away. Even as she was desperate to do just that.

Caroline had moved closer to the girls, all while attempting to look as though her movement was unintentional. Unplanned. How was it that all girls everywhere knew this movement? The quiet sidle that hinted of simultaneous optimism and fear? The silent request for notice?

It was a miracle of courage born of youth and folly.

Sarah MacLean grew up in Rhode Island, obsessed with historical romance and bemoaning the fact that she was born far too late for her own season. Her love of all things historical helped to earn her degrees from Smith College and Harvard University before she finally set pen to paper and wrote her first book.

Sarah now lives in New York City with her husband, baby daughter, their dog, and a ridiculously large collection of romance novels. She loves to hear from readers. Please visit her at

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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