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Book Tour & #Giveaway for the Anthony Hollowton Series by Gretchen S.B.

Welcome to my stop on the Book Tour & #Giveaway, presented by Silver Dagger Book Tours, for the Anthony Hollowton Series by Gretchen S.B.  Please leave a comment or question for Gretchen to let her know you stopped by.  You may enter her tour wide giveaway by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  Good Luck!

Hollownton Homicide
by Gretchen S.B.
Anthony Hollownton Series, Book 1
Genre: Supernatural Suspense
322 pages

There more to the world than he has ever known…

When homicide detective Anthony Hollownton is called to the scene of his latest murder case he quickly becomes aware that something isn't quite right.

It isn't the gruesomeness of the scene.

It isn't the symbols written on the wall.

It isn't the image carved into the victim's back.

It is something else, something he can't quite put his finger on, something he doesn't understand.

Then his partner disappears, leaving Tony alone as the world begins to unravel. As the body count rises Tony must scramble to adapt to this new supernatural world. A supernatural world that wants nothing to do with him and will shut him out at all costs. Until the killer's attention turns to Tony. Now he must work within the supernatural community's rules if he is going to come out of this case alive.

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Anthony jolted awake in bed. What disturbed him? Did his alarm go off? There was a ringing noise. Turning to his left, he grabbed the phone next to his bed.

“Anthony Hollownton.”

That was as polite as he could be for the middle of the night. If the caller had a problem with that, he or she would have to deal with it. He looked at his alarm clock: five am. That meant he’d gotten barely more than two hours of sleep. Why would someone call him at five am?

There was a pause on the other end.

“Hello?” he repeated, dread beginning to curl in the pit of his stomach.

He could hear talking on the other end, and silently pleaded that it wasn’t the same woman from earlier. He was just frustrated enough to trace the call and chew her out. He heard a male voice on the other end. and exhaled, forcing his muscles to relax one-by-one. He had to get more sleep; he was jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

“Hey, Tony, sorry to call so early, man, but I gotta ask you a question.” It was his partner. The tone in the man’s voice sounded serious, and genuinely upset about whatever he was prepared to say.

Tony tensed again. What if something happened to Amanda or the baby?    
“What is it, Rick?” Tony tried to sound neutral.

When he heard his partner sigh, Tony relaxed again, feeling more tired than before.

“Look, man, I don’t believe it but Amanda asked me to, so I’m doing it.”

Tony screamed with frustration in his head. He wanted to get back to sleep.

“Get to the point, Nelson. I want to go back to bed.”

Using his last name showed Rick he meant business and urged him to get to the point.

“As you know, the land line is on Amanda’s side of the bed, and she picked up three phone calls tonight since we went to bed. She says they were from a woman who laughs and hangs up. After the third time, Amanda called star-sixty-nine, and the number was yours, your land line, anyway. I wasn't sure at first, since you don't really use it. But when I double-checked in my cell, the numbers matched. I told her it was crazy, since you never have women over. I said that except for her and some other cops, you don’t even know any women, no offense; but she insisted I call anyway to make sure.”

Tony’s jaw dropped. Now he was wide-awake. He must have been silent too long because his partner’s voice came back on with a worried tone.

“Hey, Tony, you still there?”

Tony flicked on his bedroom light and scanned the room, finding it empty.

“Yeah, man, I’m here, just shocked. There’s no one else here and I’ve been asleep. You know, it could be a prank caller who knows how to reroute numbers or something.”

Tony debated telling his partner about the call at work, but quickly dismissed it. With a wife and four-month-old daughter, Rick had enough on his plate.

“Yeah, I figured as much. I was just calling to make sure. Sorry for waking you up, man. I hope you can get back to sleep.” 

Tony nodded. So did he. “Yeah, good night, Rick.”

He heard his partner say something to his wife. “Good night, Tony. See you tomorrow, I mean, today.”

As he hung up the phone, Tony looked closely at his room. There was nothing out of the ordinary. Against the wall, at the foot of his bed, was his forty-two-inch TV. To the left of the bed was the closet, which was still open from when he put away his work clothes, and no one was in there. To the right of the TV was the door leading out into the rest of the apartment, which was still closed. Everything on the nightstand was also right where he left it. Turning, he looked at the window above the bed, and found it still locked. He turned back, reaching into the top drawer of his nightstand and pulled out his gun before getting out of bed. If anyone was in his apartment, he intended to find them.

Hollownton Outsiders
Anthony Hollownton Series, Book 2

Life was finally getting back to normal…almost

Two months ago homicide detective Anthony Hollownton was forcibly thrown into the supernatural world. A world that has been eerily silent ever since.

His partner is back but will never be the same. Talking about seeing things Tony knows are real.

At least it is the Fourth of July and patrolling the festivities should be a cake walk.


A mutilated body is stumbled upon and now it is all Tony can do not to jump to supernatural conclusions. Is his jarring previous case making him paranoid or is there more to this murder than meets the eye?

Gretchen is a Seattleite that loves her home. She has a day job as a Program Coordinator a local university. She loves to read, write and create characters. As well as knit and binge watch Netflix. She is also on a sporadic book blog and internet radio show with some of her college friends. She currently lives with her husband and their mischievous Rotti mix, who always seems to find something new she shouldn't be chewing on.
Gretchen loves to hear from her readers. So feel free to drop by!

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