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Excerpt Tour & #Giveaway for Shattered Vows by Linda LaRoque

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by Linda LaRoque

Publisher:  Prayers & Promises Publications
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Genre: Inspirational Romance
Length:  188 Pages
ISBN:  9781310003288


About the book:

A mother, confronted with her husband’s infidelity, must decide whether to help raise his child or end her marriage.

Annie and Stuart Rayburn have loved each other since high school. Their life is idyllic until their baby dies of SIDS, and Annie falls into a deep depression. Months of therapy help her recover, and they look forward to another child sometime in their future.

Despite his own grief Stuart tries to comfort Annie, yet when he reaches for her in the night, his advances are rebuffed. In a moment of weakness, he turns to another woman. Stu learns his night of infidelity produced a baby girl. The mother died in a car crash, and her will gives Stu custody.

Stu can’t deny the child is his, and he’s determined to raise her. He begs Annie’s forgiveness. Hurt and angry, Annie must face her demons, decide if she can forgive Stu, and love the innocent child, or divorce him and move on without the only man she’s likely to love.


Rigid, Stu’s face appeared carved of stone. "She's my child too, Annie."

“Yes, and that’s what hurts so bad. Every time I looked at the baby, I’d remember my husband made love with another woman.”

“I didn’t make love to her, Annie. We had sex—simple and plain. It was a physical release, and that’s all. I know hearing that won’t take your pain away, but it’s the truth.”

Unable to look at him any longer, she turned her back and stuffed her knuckles in her mouth to hold back the sobs. She couldn't do it; she just couldn't do it. “But you kissed her, touched her body, and she touched yours.”

“You’ve changed, Annie. Where is the loving woman I fell in love with? The one with forgiveness in her heart?”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
 Linda LaRoque is a Texas girl, but the first time she got on a horse, it tossed her in the road dislocating her right shoulder. Forty years passed before she got on another, but it was older, slower, and she was wiser. Plus, her students looked on and it was important to save face.

A retired teacher who loves West Texas, its flora and fauna, and its people, Linda’s stories paint pictures of life, love, and learning set against the raw landscape of ranches and rural communities in Texas and the Midwest. She is a member of RWA, her local chapter of HOTRWA, NTRWA and Texas Mountain Trail Writers.

Linda writes contemporary western romances, time travel romances and futuristic romances. Shattered Vows is her first Inspiration Women's fiction.

Visit Linda at these locations.

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What does it take to have a successful marriage?  Is love enough or does marriage require more?  In Linda LaRoque’s debut inspirational romance, Shattered Vows, we see a marriage tested by infidelity and the child resulting from the incident.  Reminding us that marriage is hard, that real love requires continual forgiveness and that regardless of where we are in life, God’s grace is sufficient, Ms. LaRoque gives us a story of love and redemption which had me shedding a few tears and rooting for her characters.

Emotionally overwhelmed and hurting after the loss of their child to SIDS, Annie Rayburn is distant and emotionally withdrawn.  Rejected by his wife, Stuart Rayburn turns to another woman for one night and then struggles with guilt over the betrayal of his marriage vows.  When the woman he turned to dies in an accident,  and Stuart discovers he has a daughter, he knows he must take responsibility for his child and confess to his wife.  As Stuart confesses his infidelity, Annie struggles with her anger, her guilt over her inability to move on from their daughter’s death, and her inability to forgive Stuart for what he’s done.  Will their love be enough to keep them together and will Annie be able to love a child who isn’t her own?

Ms. LaRoque does a good job developing both Stuart and Annie’s characters; their emotions are raw, gritty and easy to identify with.  Especially the anger Annie feels toward Stuart over what he’s done.  While I don’t believe there is ever a legitimate reason for a spouse to cheat; I do have to acknowledge that when we first meet Annie, she’s cold, somewhat distant and hasn’t really moved on from the loss of their daughter – even though she’s been gone for more than a year.  It made it a little difficult to connect with her at first, but as the story develops it becomes apparent that Annie has always had problems dealing with emotional issues.  It was easier to connect with Stuart, though there are times I wanted to smack him upside the head, because he so willingly accepts his new daughter and is determined to make the best of his situation; he’s very careful about how he deals with Annie and what she wants, even while hoping and praying that she’ll forgive him and give their marriage another try.

The secondary characters are also well developed and I really enjoyed getting to know Grace, Stuart’s mom, and Willie Lee, Annie’s mom.  Both are strong women who want what’s best for their children and will do whatever it takes to help bring them back together because they know they’re still deeply in love.  I also really liked “Bailey”, the baby who comes into their life through no fault of her own; she’s independent, sweet and easily adapts to all of the changes taking place in her life. 

Will Annie let God help her forgive Stuart for his mistake and room in her heart for a child she didn’t give birth to?  And will Annie deal with her anger towards God for letting people she loves die?  Will Stuart be able to prove he’ll be faithful to Annie and never betray her again?  You’ll have to read Shattered Vows to find out.  I think it’s an enjoyable story and I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.

My Rating:   4 out of 5 Crowns

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