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Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway for Dog With A Bone by Hailey Edwards

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TitleDog With A Bone 
Series & Number: Black Dog # 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Heat Level (sweet to erotic): Sweet
Author:  Hailey Edwards
Pages or Word Count:  35K words
Publish Date:  31 October, 2014

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About the book:

Half-bloods with Thierry’s skill set are given two options. They can join the conclave’s marshal program, or they can pack their bags. Turn down the job offer, and you’ve just shredded your residency pass for the mortal realm and booked yourself a one-way ticket to Faerie.

Texas is the only home Thierry has ever known, and she’s not going anywhere. Even if it means following in her notorious father’s footsteps as a peacekeeper. But pinning on the badge opens her eyes to the fact sometimes fae need protection too, and that sometimes humans are the real monsters.

Exclusive Excerpt for Queen of All She Reads

Awareness seeped in and brought its friends Pain and Agony for a visit. I woke with a groan and a burst of sympathy for piñatas everywhere. My eyelids were sticky, my lashes clumped. I succeeded in opening one eye. Mostly. Vision kicked in a second later, or maybe my brain was the slow starter.

I swallowed to wet my throat. “Am I dead?”

Metal scraped over the floor, and the face of an angel floated into soft focus in the vicinity of my feet. His bronzed skin popped against the pallor of the thin bed sheet covering my toes when he gave them a squeeze. Mahogany curls twisted into knots on his head. The roguish glint to his copper eyes was absent. His lush mouth sagged at the corners, his bottom lip chewed ragged by his white teeth.

“No,” Shaw drawled from his chair at the foot of my bed, “but not for lack of trying.”
I grinned though it hurt. Shaw was a looker even incubused-out. When he was playing human? Rawr.

His thumbs slid past the balls of my feet, massaging my arches until a moan eased past my lips.

Shaw tensed at the sound, his hands falling away. The metal legs of his chair scraped again.

Familiar distance spread between us. I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see it. 
“Where am I?”

“You’re in the medical ward,” he answered tightly, “on conclave grounds.”

I figured I either had to be there or the fae clinic on Myer Lane. Human hospitals were a no-no. Fae were in the closet, and the fastest way to fling open the doors would be to watch one regenerate in a public hospital.

“Here.” Shaw cleared his throat. “I almost forgot.”

My eyes popped open and zeroed in on the small box in his hands. He must have fished it out of the ever-ready messenger bag of tricks he kept slung across his shoulder at all times.

He leaned over the bedrail so I didn’t have to stretch. The wrapping paper I shredded into confetti on my lap, but his clumsy bow I twisted into a ring for my finger. After cursing my way through multiple layers of tape, I opened the box with a gasp.

My gaze swung up to meet his. “Shaw.”

His cheeks went ruddy, and he rolled his shoulder, which was his answer to most every situation. I traced the tiny enamel seal inset into a black leather wallet. Southwestern Conclave Marshal. “You didn’t have to do this.” The room went fuzzy at the edges while I blinked back a rush of giddy tears.

He dropped back into his chair. “Look inside.” 

I flipped it open and sucked in a sharp breath that fizzled into chuckles. Pinned in the center was a plastic sheriff’s badge that looked like it had gone missing from a kid’s cowboy-themed birthday party.

“Huh.” I tapped the center. “They sure don’t make these like they used to.”

“It’s a placeholder,” he said solemnly, “to tide you over until graduation. The magistrates are out of town and can’t officiate for two weeks.”

The full meaning of the gift bypassed the drugs and slammed into me. “I passed?”

His lips quirked at the corners.

I tossed the gift box at his head. “Is that a yes?”

He set his hand back on my toes. “Yes, that’s a yes.”

“Yes.” My arm shot up, fist pump thwarted when I tangled my IV line in the strands of a balloon arrangement I hadn’t noticed. I swatted at their goofy latex grins until Shaw took pity and wrangled them for me.

DOG WITH A BONE: Copyright © 2014 by Hailey Edwards used with permission of author.

 Author Bio:

Born in the Deep South, Hailey is a lifelong resident of Alabama. Her husband works for the local sheriff’s department and her daughter is counting down the days until she’s old enough to audition for American Idol. Her doxie, Black Ilex, helps Hailey write by snoozing in his recliner in her office.

Her desire to explore without leaving the comforts of home fueled her love of reading and writing. Whenever the itch for adventure strikes, Hailey can be found with her nose glued to her Kindle’s screen or squinting at her monitor as she writes her next happily-ever-after.

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