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NBtM Tour & Giveaway for Wyoming Heather by DeAnn Smallwood

Join author DeAnn Smallwood on her Name Before the Masses Tour for Wyoming Heather, presented by Goddess Fish Promotions, from January 1 – February 19, 2014.  Please leave a comment or question for DeAnn to let her know you stopped by.  DeAnn will be awarding a $25 BN gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour, so please be sure to leave your email address with your comment.  You can follow the rest of DeAnn’s tour here. My review of this book will post later this afternoon.

How eBooks Have Changed My Approach To Writing by DeAnn Smallwood

I am terrible at punctuation and sentence structure. I get to writing and my fingers fly and those pesky commas and punctuation marks fly also…out the window that is. Then when I read the manuscript over for the fourth or fifth time doing edits, I have it memorized, so I miss the part where I might have named the horse Blackie and four chapters later called it Whitey. Writing eBooks has helped me tremendously with this process.

Before eBooks, my approach to writing was once it’s published it’s locked in and no further corrections are possible. The printed book goes out and along comes embarrassment when an error is noticed. With eBooks, I’ve had readers comment on finding an error in the book and I’m able to do corrections. The publisher, bless her heart, puts it back out revised. This really helps someone like me. I have two books, Tears In The Wind and Death Crosses The Finish Line (my suspense/thriller under the pen name D.M. Woods) ready to go from eBooks to print. My editor alerted me that each book had a couple errors and I needed to read them yet again and do corrections before print. Isn’t it great that eBooks allow me that ability? I’m not saying eBooks don’t need to be perfect before going out, they do. Our readers expect and deserve the best read we can offer. But, they do offer the grace of flexibility.

Writing eBooks is faster. The manuscript goes to the publisher, to the editor, back to me, back to the editor, back to me, then back to an editor before final publishing. My book whirls through cyber space, getting out to my readers in less time. I write two to three books a year, that’s the easy part. The hard part is the time consuming editing. As I said earlier, eBooks helps with this.
Writing for eBooks opens up another market for sales. And as much as we hate to admit it, sales are important. However, I must admit just having my books out there and being read is reward enough in itself. I love hearing from readers and can live months on a good compliment. Now, with eBooks I have another avenue of readers. Readers that rarely pick up a print book, enjoy reading on their Nook, Kindle, etc. How nice it is to be able to write for that category also.

Wyoming Heather is one of my favorite stories. I based this story on my granddaughter Heather who is also a lover and healer of animals. It’s out now on eBooks. As I mentioned above, getting a book out in print takes longer and is more expensive for the publisher. Because eBooks sell for far less than print books, I am able to reach more readers. You can afford a book for $2.99. My first book published came out in hardback priced at a little over $25.00. Big difference, huh? Another plus for how eBooks has changed my approach to writing. I feel that I can write more books and reach a greater audience and followers.

My passion is writing. Next to writing, my greatest pleasure is having my books read and enjoyed.

Wyoming Heather
By DeAnn Smallwood

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date: June 11, 2013
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Length: 216 Pages

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About the book: 

Heather is a spirited, independent woman living alone on a ranch left to her by her parents. She is also a healer of animals, domestic and wild. A woman doing a man's work, running a ranch that everyone said couldn't be done, not in this untamed, vastly unsettled land, in the mid 1800's. The ranch had everything she needed except water. She stole that from a neighboring abandoned ranch watched over by a lonely cabin and a grave.

He rode alone, coming back after five years to an empty cabin, a run-down ranch, and a grave on a hill. A former Texas Ranger burnt out on life and afraid to love. Whip had spent five years hunting the man that took his wife's life and left him to die.

Whip and Heather meet in an explosive moment on the banks of the Powder River. Both lonely, both drawn to one another, and both stubbornly fighting the attraction.

Whip vowed he would take up his dream abandoned five years ago and make his beloved ranch profit and to put aside the sweet linger of all memories shared by him and his wife. The ranch would be a jealous mistress occupying his every thought and every minute. He had no time or desire for a woman much less a pair of runaways from The Orphan Train, stowaways in Whip’s wagon and onto the Powder River Ranch.

But fate heeds no one or no thing. The criminal from Whip’s past reemerges in the present. Now, Heather is in danger and Whip stand, once again on the cusp of loss. Fate shows a strong, willful woman, full of love and compassion, just what she’s been missing in her life. And it shows a calloused Texas Ranger that Heather and love does flourish on the Wyoming plains.



Her mouth was dry, her clothes filthy. She was wearing not only the dust of the land, but hair and blood from the calves she’d spent the morning branding. Hair, blood, and dust.

Some perfume, she thought with disdain. I’m a real lady.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I live in Colorado with my husband and my two Yorkie kid dogs: Stormy, four pounds, and Eli, six pounds. I’m a native of Colorado, but I lived several years in Wyoming and Montana.  I draw from these beautiful states for much of my material. My historical romances are: Montana Star, Sapphire Blue, Unconquerable Callie, and Wyoming Heather.  Tears In The Wind is a contemporary romance. Then I changed genres from my beloved romances and wrote, under the pen name of D. M. Woods, my first suspense/thriller: Death Crosses The Finish Line. The second book in this ‘death’ series, Death Is A Habit, will be out later this year. Truly, I mean it when I say my greatest pleasure next to writing is having my books read and enjoyed. There are many more stories just waiting to be written and enjoyed.



Don't forget to leave a comment or question for DeAnn to let her know you stopped by.  DeAnn will be awarding a $25 BN gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour, so please be sure to leave your email address with your comment.  You can follow the rest of DeAnn’s tour here.


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    1. Lisa, thank you for tuning in. I hope you get a chance to read WYOMING HEATHER. It's a fun read. If you're in to suspense/thrillers, my second book in the 'Death' series, written under the pen name of D.M. Woods is out. Title: DEATH IS A HABIT. Let me know if you like it.

  2. I like historical romances with strong heroines. This sounds like a great read and I hope to see Whip and Heather get their HEA :)

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    1. Lori, thanks for your kind words. I really like this book and Heather is a strong woman, but that Whip...he's my hero! Let me know if you like it.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful story. I am planning to buy it today.

    1. Hi MomJane, Nice to hear from you again. It is a good story and the few unexpected turns are great. I really hope you like it. Thanks!

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    1. Rita, I think you'll like it. I loved writing this story. Let me know what you think and thanks for tuning it!

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  6. I love historical fiction. I appreciate the research an author does for their book.

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  7. You're right it does take a lot of research. And you have to be so careful not to refer to or use some word, product, from this time era. But I love writing these. Do let me know if you like WYOMING HEATHER.

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  11. This wonderful historical novel sounds captivating and special. I enjoyed learning about the author and her writing and background greatly. best wishes and much happiness. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. Wow, this book sounds amazing, a true old fashioned romance w/none of the trivial angst of so many books today. Thanks for sharing.