Monday, October 22, 2012

Virtual Book Tour - Carbon Copy by Terri Talley Venters

Welcome to the first stop on Terri Talley Venters Virtual Book Tour for Carbon Copy.  Please be sure to leave a comment or question below for Terri as she will be awarding bookmarks or magnetic bumper stickers to randomly drawn commenters at each stop and a $10 Wild Child Publishing GC to a randomly drawn commenter at the end of the tour.  You can follow all of her tour stops here.  The more often you comment, the better your odds of winning.  I had planned to have a review of this book for you to read today, however, I have been sick for over 4 days and just didn't get a chance to read anything.  I'll be posting my review for this book later this week.  


Interview with Terri Talley Venters, author of Carbon Copy

Me:  Carbon Copy is your debut release. Can you tell us what went through your mind when you received your acceptance call/email?

Terri: Thrilled! And a little surprised I found a publisher so quickly.

Me:  Will we see Lilly Allen and Grier Garrison in any future books?  How many books are you planning in your "Elements of Mystery Series".

Terri: Yes. Lilly Allen’s adventures continue in the Carbon Copy Trilogy. The second book, Tin Roof, is coming soon from Wild Child Publishing. And I’m currently writing, Silver Lining, the third book in the trilogy.  I plan to write at least one book a year in my Elements Of Mystery Series. In addition to books, I also write short stories, each titled after an element in the Periodic Table. I plan to write one story for each of the 110 named elements and publish them as a short-story collection. I’ve written 29 short stories, so far.

3. Your bio states you're a licensed CPA and also have a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Can you tell us what inspired you to become a fiction writer? Did you always know you wanted to write?

Terri: Actually, no. I’m a CPA and I still have my day job. But my mother, Leslie Talley, is a writer. In fact, her debut novel, Make Old Bones, is coming soon from Wild Child Publishing.  When I read her book, I thought, I could do this! But I had no clue what to write about. For years, people would tell me they knew someone who looked exactly like me. I’d respond, “I must’ve been cloned!” Then ideas for my story poured into my head, and Carbon Copy was born.

Me:  Your books are a mixture of mystery, romantic suspense and you even have a paranormal romance set to release this year. Which genre is your favorite to write in or are you the most comfortable in?
Terri: I enjoy writing all of the above genres. But my favorite part is the suspense. I love a great forward pointer to keep the reader turning the pages.

Me:  Who or what has been the greatest influence in your writing career thus far?

Terri: My mother.

Me:  How have your husband and two sons adapted to the idea of you as a published author?

Terri:  My husband, Garrison, surprised me with a 20 x 30 canvas print of each of my 4 book covers. My ten year old thinks it’s “pretty cool”.

Me:  Can you tell us what your plans are for 2013? Providing the Mayan Calendar is wrong and we are all still around....

Terri: Travel to Scandinavia with my husband and sons.

Me:  Can you tell us what you are currently reading?

Terri: I just finished reading Make Old Bones by: Leslie S. Talley. I’ve never enjoyed reading a book more.

Me:  Can you share anything with us from an upcoming release or a WIP? 

Terri: Here’s is the book blurb from my recently finished novella, Copper Cauldron, coming soon from Wild Child Publishing. It’s my most creative/imaginative story so far.

Penelope Manchester, a good witch with one green and one blue eye, awaits her destiny: a warrior of God with the face of an angel, the heart of a saint, and eyes which match her own. St. Michael the Archangel flies into her life and sweeps her off her feet. Meanwhile, an evil sorcerer captures witches, steals their powers and most of their nine lives, and shrinks them to the size of a doll--a Nuremberg doll. But when he turns two of the Manchester witches into dolls, the Manchester clan fights back with St. Michael and divine intervention. Armed with the legendary copper cauldron, a fire breathing dragon, and an arsenal of spells, good battles evil.

Quick Get To Know You Questions:

1. Favorite Beverage? Terri: A full-bodied, red wine
2. Favorite Color? Terri: Blue (Florida Gator blue, that is)
3. Do you prefer print or eBooks? Terri: eBooks
4. If your friends had to describe you in one word, what would it be? Terri: Wonderwoman
5. If aliens took over the planet, what would you want to tell them about Earth?  Terri: I’d fabricate terrible lies about Earth being a doomed planet so they’d go away.
6. If you were stranded on an island with only 3 books - what would they be?  Terri: Gone With The Wind, by: Margaret Mitchell. Make Old Bones, by: Leslie S. Talley. And of course, Carbon Copy.


Carbon Copy
Terri Talley Venters
Elements of Mystery #1
Wild Child Publishing
Publication Date: 6/19/12
201 Pages 
Romantic Suspense


Lilly Allen has brains, beauty, and a trust fund. She's living in New York City and her career as a reporter is taking off. She's hoping the love of her life, Grier, will propose soon. She has it all, or so she thinks.

Grier Garrison, Create Life executive, is running the company while his father, Dr. Michael Garrison, is in the ICU awaiting a heart transplant. Grier knows the truth about Create Life and its shady side business. He fears Lilly and her twin brother, Luke, are in danger.

While working on two unrelated stories, stolen newborns and cloning, Lilly discovers a shocking connection. Horrific things are happening, but who is behind it all?


As she opened the door to his apartment, Luke’s cat, Soli, meowed at her. The cat cried as loud as her tiny vocal chords allowed. Lilly never heard such a loud cry. Summer appeared at Soli’s side and began licking her sister’s face to placate her twin.

The cats must have entered Luke’s apartment through the cat door Luke built between the shared walls. The cats liked to be together when the apartments were empty.

Soli’s cries grew louder. Something terrible had happened to Luke! But how much did this ten-pound feline really know? Did Soli see something awful enough to upset her this much? Or did she simply miss her owner?

Soli looked at Lilly and headed towards the hall. It appeared as if she wanted Lilly to follow her down the hall. As she trotted towards Luke’s bedroom, Summer and Lilly followed her.

Lilly paused at the door to Luke’s bedroom, scared to open it, scared of what she might find on the other side. She took a deep breath and opened it. As she entered Luke’s bedroom, she scanned the room. It looked empty.

Soli cried again, even louder than before. Lilly looked over. The cat scratched at Luke’s closet door. She stared at Lilly, scratched the closed door, and cried again. Then Lilly smelled something funny. Her nostrils didn’t recognize the strange odor, but a shiver of foreboding swept over her.

Lilly braced herself, yet again, for another dramatic door opening. Yanking the door open, she stared into Thelma’s face and screamed. Thelma sat upright on the floor of Luke’s closet. Her eyes were closed, and her faded “I’m with stupid” t-shirt showed a bullet-sized hole in it. A circle of coagulated blood surrounded the hole in the middle of her chest. Although Lilly wasn’t an expert in medicine, she knew someone had shot the maid.  


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Terri received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Master’s degree in Taxation from the University of Florida. She is a licensed CPA and a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. She lives in St. Augustine, Florida, with her husband, Garrison, and their two sons.

Carbon Copy is the 1st thrilling novel in the Elements of Mystery Series. The title of each novel will contain an element from the Periodic Table of Elements. Terri recently finished writing Tin Roof, the sequel to Carbon Copy, coming soon from Wild Child Publishing. And Terri’s romantic/suspense novel, Body of Gold, is coming soon from Freya’s Bower. For more about Terri’s upcoming releases, please visit her website Terri is the daughter of Leslie S. Talley, author of Make Old Bones which is also available from Wild Child Publishing.

On the first of each month, Terri also posts free short stories on her blog. Follow her at she weaves her way through the Periodic Table of Elements.

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Please be sure to leave a comment or question below for Terri as she will be awarding bookmarks or magnetic bumper stickers to randomly drawn commenters at each stop and a $10 Wild Child Publishing GC to a randomly drawn commenter at the end of the tour.  You can follow all of her tour stops here.  The more often you comment, the better your odds of winning. 


  1. That's a pretty original idea for a book. Sounds interesting! Congrats on your release (and your moms)


  2. Thank you so much for hosting me today. I enjoyed the interview questions =)

  3. Nice to meet you Francesca! People always tell me they know someone who looks exactly like me. Mayne I really was cloned =) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Jenn! Big week for the both of us. Here's to us! (lifting wine glass) jk, it's not even noon yet. But I'll celebrate with a glass of one tonight =)

  5. I think your plot is fascinating. I used to have nightmares about meeting a clone of myself! But the idea opens up so many possibilities. The best of luck with this book!

  6. Hey Molly. I wish I had a clone myself =) There will be 2 more books coming in my Carbon Copy Trilogy. The sequel, Tin Roof, is in the editing queue with Wild Child Publishing. And the third story, Silver Lining, is 1/3 written. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Sounds like an interesting book. I feel like I was left hanging with that blurb. I want to know more! haha Thanks

  8. I enjoyed the interview and excerpt.


  9. Terri,

    I've had people tell me all of the time they know someone who "looks exactly like me" and "are you sure you aren't from (fill in the blank with city/state name)?" Right now, I wouldn't mind having a clone. It would really help in getting everything done. LOL

    Marci Baun
    Wild Child Publishing

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