Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fifty-Six (56) - A Cornish Maid

The Friday 56 is a weekly meme  hosted by Freda's Voice.  Here are the rules:

  • Grab the book nearest you, right now
  • Turn to page 56
  • Find the fifth (5th) sentence
  • Post that sentence, plus one or two others if you like, along with these instructions on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, post it below in the comments section of this blog.  
  • Post a link with your post on this blog and at Freda's Voice, so that others may follow too.
  • Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, or the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST!

My Friday 56 :
A Cornish Maid by Fenella J. Miller

Keeping her eyes firmly averted, she did as he bid.
He enveloped the wet limb in the cloth and without
touching her burning skin with his fingers. With
professional calmness, he dried her foot and then, as he had done more than once before, carried her into her sitting room.


From the publisher:

Demelza Tregorran is desperate to keep her brothers and sister in their ancestral home and to keep the roof above their heads. On the beach early one morning, she inadvertently pushes an autocratic stranger into the sea. She is not impressed by his manners but can't help but admire his appearance.

Dr. Lucas Fairfield is immediately attracted to Demelza and decides to use some of his unwanted inheritance to help her out of her financial difficulties. Demelza agrees to take Lucas in as a paying guest .With her friend Martha as chaperone, who can possibly object to the arrangement?

Lucas is a respectable gentleman and wealthy enough to pay her far more than necessary for his board. Demelza is a simple Cornish maid. What possible interest could such a sophisticated man have in her?

So what's your Friday 56?


  1. For such a small gesture, it packed a ton of heat!

  2. I agree with Freda's comment! Sounds like a steamy read :)

  3. yes and yes to the two comments above :) holy smokes!

  4. I´m totally agree with this girls! :)Love it!