Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Week Celebration- Prize Giveaways All Week

I will be celebrating my Birthday this week and will be giving prizes/gift cards away in celebration.  Today marks the first day's celebration. 

For today's prizes I will be giving away a total of 3 Books:

The First Prize is a copy of Night Myst (Indigo Court Book 1) by Yasmine Galenorn

2nd Prize is a copy of Magic Bleeds (Kate Douglas Book 4)  by Ilona Andrews

3rd Prize is a copy of Delicious (Buchanan Sisters Book 1) By Susan Mallery

To enter the contest please answer the question below:

What is your most memorable birthday memory from childhood?

Contest open to all US and Canada residents due to postage requirements.

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. What is your most memorable birthday memory from childhood?

    Anymore now that my mamaw and papaw Denton have passed all my childhood birthdays that I got to spend with them were the best. For having my birthday in early Sept we always had a picnic, usually at my grandparents, with cake and presents. Those were the best that I really miss.

    On the few times it falls on Labor Day, I got to enjoy the fair that happens with rides and such.

  2. the most memerable birthday when iw a sa kid was when we celebrated i was like 9 and we had a huge celbration birthday party the cake and gameswas soo fun

    the other one was when i turned 18 and was in school my friends posted signs all over school tellinge veryone it was my birthday was so sweet yet embarassing but well worth it realised i had and have awesome friends

  3. Happy Birthday Maria,

    One of my most memorable birthdays would have to be when I made my own cake, lol. I was turning 13 and my parents were separated at the time and my mom was working like crazy so she was going to buy me a cake from the bakery and I wanted an upside-down pineapple cake. She gave me the ingredients, and told me to go at it then, lol.

  4. My most memorable birthday was when I turned eight. My mother hosted a slumber party in my honor. We had a great time and by midnight we were all ready to go to sleep. Except one kid. Man, she could talk. She annoyed everyone! I guess the rest of us should have taken naps before the party!

    My most memorable birthday would be my 13th. I wasn't expecting a large present but I got a sterio system from my parents. For a kid rasied on a farm that was really something back in the late 60

  6. A very happy birthday, Maria!! I don't recall too much about my earlier birthdays, but I do have some cute photos. In one, someone's spelled my name out with blocks in front of me--I was way too young to have known how myself, but it made for a fun photo!

  7. Cannot pinpoint a particularly memorable birthday as a child. What I do remember is my birthday party was rarely celebrated on the day but the following weekend or when convenient. Sometimes my May birthday was celebrated in June. Very confusing for friends.