Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Celebration- Day 5- Final Contest

So I've noticed as I've gotten older that Birthday Parties are not like they used to be when I was a kid.
Back then we stayed home and had cake and ice cream and it was pretty much only immediate family.
Now I go to my nieces and nephews parties and it's so different with all the kids and activities that people have come to expect.  I think that I preferred the party from when I was a kid :).

This is the Final Day of my Birthday Celebrations-
Today's prizes are below:

1st Prize - 1 copy of

2nd Prize- 1 copy of

3rd Prize- 1 copy of

To be entered into the contest for today please answer the question below.

Question:  What is your idea of the perfect children's birthday party?

Please make sure to leave your email address with your post so that I can contact you if you are a winner to arrange for shipment.  If you have a prize preferance- please state that too.

Contest Open to US and Canada Residents Only due to Shipping Issues.

Good Luck Everyone!

FTC Disclosure:  Prizes awarded have been purchased by the site owner.


  1.'s been literally years since I went to a kiddie party and since I don't really know too many people with kids...well that's not an experience I'll have anytime soon BUT I think that the perfect children's party is a combination of what the child is into and a little bit of polish on the grown-ups part.

    I've enjoyed this past week's celebration. I hope you had an awesome birthday and scored wicked gifts. :-)


  2. I remember my favorite birthday party as a kid and it wasn't my own. I can't even remember which of my girlfriends it was for.
    It was very structured so there were lots of games for everyone and each game had a prize. As I was good at nothing, I didn't win a prize. But towards the end of the party, I won a great big prize for not winning anything! We played jumping rope cames, had cake and ice cream and all the kids were supremely happy. No theme , just surprises for everyone.

  3. The perfect party? As an adult, one that I don't have to clean the house for or spend half the night making food for :) As a child, I think that the best parties are still ones where you have the chance to run around with your friends to your heart's content, and there are yummy things to eat and drink when you need a break, and you aren't worried about making a mess or being too loud!

    Hope you get some great pressies, Maria--thanks for a terrific week!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  4. the perfect childrens party would be filled with balloons and noises and apinyata as well as cake and food lots and lots of food to feed the kiddos as well as the adults ive been to some parties where only food their was is the cake tahst what i want my kid hopped up on sugar and nothing else

    Games and prizes for the participants and even a fun filled prize for the adults that have to attend with their children

    if its a summer partyer maybe a slip and slide or a water fight something like that

    then have someone else clean up the mess like my awesome hero fiance

  5. My kid's would tell you a party at a game center with pizza and cake and laser tag, and miniature golf....

    I like the ones where it's just me and a few close friends and family. Ideally, it's at a restaurant where I don't have to think about food prep or cleaning up.

    I had a suprise party thrown for me once. Surprise! I got to clean up after it. Yah!!! :(