Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kindle Deals - Freebies and Sales

This week's Kindle Freebies and Deals will feature some sweet romance, romantic suspense and some of my favorite books - one which isn't available from Amazon but that you can get direct from the publisher to your kindle.


Sale Priced:

Not Sold by Amazon but Can be Sent to Your Kindle: My favorite Fantasy/Sci-Fi Series:

I'll be doing a review for the newest book in this series this week, in the meantime, I can not recommend this series highly enough if you like fantasy,science fiction, alternate earth, elves and romance.

You can purchase these at Baen Books and have them sent directly to your Kindle as a Kindle Personal Document.  They even have instructions on how to do it (in case you've never done that before).  Check them out here.

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