Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Review/ Harmonia's Kiss - A Dragonfire Novella/ Deborah Cooke/ Penguin

Title:  Harmonia's Kiss
Author:  Deborah Cooke
Publisher:  Penguin
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
eBook ISBN:  978-1101457030
Publication Date:  July 23, 2010
Length:  Novella (45 Pages)
Format:  eBook Only

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Book Blurb:

Enchanted for thousands of years, the shape-shifters known as the Dragon's Teeth Warriors have awakened to find the world a vastly different place. Their leader, concerned for their morale, dares to take them on a mission to confront the fullness of everything they've lost. Little does Drake realize that this dangerous mission will give him a renewed purpose. And if they succeed these Pyr will have to question everything they thought they knew about the past—and confront a quest for the future.

My Review: 

This is a very short novella whose focus is the "Dragon's Teeth Warriors" that were released from their enchanted prison in the book Winter Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel (DRAGON FIRE NOVEL)We are given the opportunity to discover more of the mythology behind this series and of the role that each group plays.  At this time the novella is only available in ebook format.

Drake is the leader of the rescued "Dragon's Teeth Warriors" , he's faced with the task of keeping his warriors together and deciding their involvement in the war between the Pyr and the Slayers.  He's also a man who's experiencing some depression and anger at what has happened to him and his men.  He knows that the world has changed dramatically since his imprisonment, his fear has promoted him to decide to take his warriors back to their home in Delphi in the hopes that once the men see that everything and everyone they knew is gone that they will be able to move on in this new life. 

Veronica is an American woman in Delphi looking for her missing husband, a soldier who had been sent on a secret mission.  When her path crosses the "Dragon's Teeth Warriors" , Veronica provides purpose to Drake and his men and they are reminded of why they became warriors.  Her role is small but important in this short story.

The conclusion of the story lets us know what the "Dragon's Teeth Warriors" have decided to do about their future and on whose side they will be joining the fight.  I really enjoyed this short novella and felt that it was a good bridge for these new characters which could end up being of pivotal importance to the war between good and evil.  I look forward to reading the next full book in this series, Whisper Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel (DRAGON FIRE NOVEL), which is currently out.

My Rating:  4 of 5 Crowns


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