Monday, February 15, 2010

Blood Magic (World of the Lupi Book 6)

Author :      Eileen Wilks

Genre:         Paranormal Romance       

Format:      Print and Ebook

From the Author:

Lily Yu’s world changed when she met Rule Turner, known to the human world as “that werewolf prince.” It’s been eight months since everyone else’s world changed, too—when the Turning hit. That shifting of the realms has magic seeping back into the world in quantities unseen since the hot news story concerned a pair of human babes raised by wolves who went on to found a new city: Rome.

Lily is a homicide cop turned FBI agent. She works for a special Unit within the MCD—that’s the Bureau’s Magical Crimes Division. Lily became a cop to stop the monsters , though it was human monsters she had in mind at the time. These days, the perps she tracks may be a lot more—or a lot less--than human.

In Blood Magic, Lily and Rule are faced with their most dangerous opponent yet, one the law can’t touch. One who can’t be killed. One whose like hasn’t been seen in our world since long before those wolves fostered Romulus and Remus.

Oh, one more thing about Blood Magic: Grandmother is back.

My Review: 

This is the 6th full book in the Lupi World and I have loved every book.  The characters of Lily Yu and Rule Turner are both expanded upon in this book and again their relationship to each other and to members of their family take center stage.  We also again meet many of the supporting characters that I have come to love such as Cullen Seaborn and his wife, Cynna Weaver.  We again meet Toby Turner, Rule's son and also get a little more of an insight into Benedict, Rule's brother, who I personally find an interesting character.  We also get to spend quit a bit more time with Madam Yu, Lily's grandmother, and with the dragon known as Sam. 

We also meet some new characters in this book, we meet police officer Cody Beck, who used to date Lily and we find out why they stopped dating.  We get to meet Lily's sister Beth in slightly more detail and we meet several more werewolves.  We also get to meet an evil sorcerer going by the name of Johnny Deng who is the "lover" of the person causing all of the problems that take place in the book, the Chemei, who is an enemy of both her grandmother and of the dragon Sam and is out for revenge for something that happened in the past.

We find out quite a bit more about Madame Yu's background and her early life and how her legacy affects Lily and her immediate family.  There is also a scene where Lily begins to appreciate her mother and what her mother does for her.

My Rating:  5 out of 5 Crowns       


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