Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel


Author:        Deborah Cooke

Genre:           Paranormal/Romance/Dragon Shapeshifter

Format:        Print and E-book

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From the Publisher:  For millennia, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have commanded the four elements and guarded the earth's treasures. But now the final reckoning between the Pyr and the dreaded slayers is about to begin...

The mysterious Dragon's Blood Elixir gives immortality to Magnus, the Pyr's greatest enemy, and his minions-so it must be destroyed. Outcast from the Pyr because of his own dangerous impulses, Delaney will do anything to vanquish Magnus-and vows to complete a mission which will either redeem him or end his suffering.

But his plans don't take into account his sudden firestorm-or the hot- tempered Ginger Sinclair. The firestorm reforms Delaney closer to his old self. And when Ginger learns about Delaney's scheme, she cannot resist a strong man with a noble agenda.

My Review:   This is the 4th book in the Dragonfire series.  The hero of this book is Delaney Shea, a Pyr who is determined that he is responsible for destroying the "Dragon's Blood Elixer" that is giving extra healing powers to their enemies, the Slayers.  In particular, Delaney feels that it is his duty to destroy the elixer and finally put an end to the existence of the leader of the Slayers, Magnus.  He wasn't counting on the Firestorm interfering with his plans.  He is believes it is his destiny to die once he accomplishes his goals.   He doesn't trust himself.

The heroine and mate in this novel, Ginger Sinclair, runs a small farm in Ohio that she is taking organic.  She is also a chef.  Ginger is small in size but large in heart.   She is also a modern woman who is more than willing to support her man.  She is not willing for Delaney to make the ultimate sacrifice, his life and their future together.  

The leader of the Slayers in book 3 and now book 4 is Magnus.  It is easy to see his evil nature and to want his plans to fail.  His uber confidence in his strength and planned victory, lead him to provide information to Ginger, which helps the Pyr.

I truly enjoyed this book.  It was a little darker than the previous books but there was still plenty of action and some really hot romance. 

I eagerly awaite the release of the 5th book in August 2010 titled "Whisper Kiss".

Rating:  4 of 5 Crowns 

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