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Virtual Blurb Blitz Tour - Rafael by K. Victoria Chase

Welcome to my stop on the Blurb Blitz Tour for K. Victoria Chase's book Rafael.  Please make sure to leave a comment or question below for Victoria as she will be awarding a $10 Amazon Gift Card to one (1) randomly drawn commenter during her tour.  You can follow her tour stops here.  
Rafael: The Santiago Brothers Book One
by K. Victoria Chase

The last time Detective Genie Green let a man humiliate her was her college sweetheart—never again. Yet, when former high school lothario Rafael Santiago returns to town as the consulting detective on her case, Genie’s rule of never allowing another man to best her is challenged. Can she trust him long enough to solve this case and get the glory?

Rafa can’t seem to outrun his delinquent past. When The Snakes, a criminal organization he used to belong to, begin murdering people from his hometown, he has a chance to right some of his past wrongs. Will arresting the murderers be enough to redeem him, or will a certain beautiful detective pay the ultimate price instead?

A Christian interracial romantic suspense.



Winters’ gaze tightened on Rafa. Genie’s throat went dry. He wouldn’t blame Rafa for what happened, would he? Would Lieutenant Winters ship him back to California?

“Look Santiago, I appreciate you coming all this way, from California and all, but Detective Green is one of my best. I can’t have her getting killed over chasing down a possible witness.”

“Sir!” Genie tried to interject but was ignored.

“Lieutenant Winters,” he began, “we both agree Detective Green is invaluable to your department. Believe me, I don’t want to see her dead either,” he ended sarcastically.

“Can you two please stop talking about me as if I’m not in the room? For the record, I’m fine, just a little beat down, that’s all.” She appreciated the fuss but the paternal implications unsettled her. She was an officer just like the two of them, and just as capable at performing her job. She was strongest when she didn’t have to depend on men.

“Santiago, take her home as soon as the doctor discharges her. I just finished briefing Agent Compton, who was asleep if you can believe it.” He snorted his disapproval. Winters pointed in her direction. “I want you to rest, and then tomorrow start fresh. New leads on this Diego guy and I want to see your FBI liaison out of his office and hitting the streets with the two of you. Understand?” He didn’t wait for their response.

When they were alone Rafa gave her a sheepish grin. “I think that went well.”

Genie laughed then clutched her chest.

“Are you alright?” Rafa’s hands were on her upper arms and she was drawn to his eyes.

The pain subsided and she forced a grin. “I’m okay. It hurts to laugh. The doctors said I might have some bruised ribs, but it shouldn’t be too serious.” She tried to stand, but his hands held her in place. “Rafael?”

“Maybe you should just rest a little while longer. Delay your discharge.”

“Actually, the doctor said I was free to go before you showed up.”

“What if you tell him your chest hurts?”

Genie smiled at his scheming. “I’m fine really, and I want to sleep in my own bed tonight.” She pushed his hands away, but he planted them firmly on the bed on either side of her. Genie sucked in air when his face stopped inches from her. She stilled and nothing drew her notice but his face, his nearness.

“Eugenia, for once, just slow down. You don’t have to do everything alone. Let me help you.” His voice was soft but demanding. His eyes spoke of concern for her, and she marveled. Could she let someone else help? Let someone else in? Jeff broke her heart, and the bitterness she had still had a stranglehold on her life. And she was choking. All her energy went into proving her own worth, her own merit. The man before her didn’t doubt her abilities, didn’t ask her to sacrifice everything, he just wanted to help. To be her partner. She could count on him.

As the heat of their bodies joined, she inhaled his sweet, minty breath. Then, as if willed by something beyond her control, her eyes drifted to his lips. What could she do? Full, pleasantly curved, they were there––staring at her like forbidden fruit…just ripe. She knew if she could just have one taste, it would change her life forever, and satisfy a childhood daydream. It had been too long since she had been kissed. A kiss from a man of integrity, of worth. Genie relinquished her control to the magnetic pull and went willingly.

Her eyes closed.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

From childhood, bestselling author K. Victoria Chase enjoyed writing stories and plays and reading Christian romance. She received degrees in Criminal Justice and Diplomacy and worked as a federal law enforcement officer for several years before deciding to try her hand at writing a complete novel. Serial Games (Virginia Justice Book One) is the third completed work and the first published by Desert Breeze Publishing. Book two of the series, Marked by the Mob, will be released in November 2012. She has recently signed with Astraea Press for the first in her Santiago Brothers series, the Amazon bestselling Rafael. Until she can make writing a full-time venture, K. Victoria Chase continues to work in the field of counter terrorism, identifying potential terrorists that threaten the United States and the world. She currently resides in Leesburg, VA and writes both clean and Christian interracial romance.

Please make sure to leave a comment or question below for Victoria to be entered in her $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway to one randomly drawn commenter during her tour.  You can follow her stops here.  


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