Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Southern Werewolf Chronicles Book One : Were Love Blooms

Author:         J. Morgan

Genre:          Paranormal Romance (Werewolf)

Format:       E-book

From the Publisher:      Madison Lee thought she'd put her European vacation behind her, until the full moon turned her into a hairy beast. A year later she has come to grip with her new life, now her whole world is blown apart. The man who gave her a night of incredible passion and an uncontrollable urge to howl at the moon shows up in town with his sighs on taking over her family's business.

Hot on his heels a stranger comes to town with more than the rustic scenery on his mind. He's a monster hunter out for Nicholi's blood and just maybe hers if he finds out her not so little secret. How is a Southern Deb supposed to deal with lovers, killers and the biggest Cotillion of the year all at the same time? Madison soon learns Where there's a Were, there's a way and it leads straight to love.

My Review:  This is a very interesting take for a paranormal romance.  The book really focuses more on the romance and less on the paranormal aspects. Yes both the female lead, Madison Lee, and the male lead, Nicholi, shift into wolves, but that is not the main concern for either character.

Madison Lee considers herself a Southern Belle with a capital S.  She comes from a long line of southern women and her family is the her town's leading family.  They own the manufacturing plant in town where a good portion of the populace is employed.  She is more concerned at the beginning of the book with hair on her legs and the dress that she is going to wear to this year's cotillion than about the fact that she has become a werewolf.  She also has her father wrapped around her little finger.

Nicholi has come to America under the premise of purchasing an interest in Madison's family business, however, the reality is that he has really come to pursue Madison.  He hasn't been able to forget her.  Nicholi is a complete Alpha Male to the point that he can't stand for any man to get too close to Madison and when his nemesis, Maxwell, kisses Madison's hand, he has real issues with it that lead to another night of unforgettable passion between he and Madison.

It wouldn't be a paranormal romance if there wasn't something standing in the way of the two love struck leads.  In this case it's a bunch of hunters that have been around for centuries trying to kill off all of the werewolves.  They don't know how many werewolves there are and don't know all of their skills but they do know that Nicholi is a werewolf and has come to town and so they follow him and try to enlist Madison to spy on Nicholi, not realizing that she is a werewolf too.

The book uses alot of humor and there is plenty of sarcasm to be found.  Overall this was a very enjoyable read. 

Rating:  4 out of 5 Crowns                                                                                                                

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