Saturday, January 16, 2010

Set Up In SoHo

Author:         Dee Davis

Genre:           Women's Fiction

Format:        Print

Purchase:    Set Up in SoHo

From the Publisher:  When Andrea Sevalas’ long time boyfriend announces he’s seeing someone else, Andi’s thrown for a loop—well, actually, down a cellar. Head throbbing and nose out of joint, she’s rescued by one of New York’s finest – attorneys that is. Ethan McCay is the Upper East Side heir to the kingdom of Manhattan. But Andi isn’t interested in princes. At least not the uptown variety. She’s a downtown girl with no time for Park Avenue royalty.

So what’s a fairy godmother supposed to do? Well, if she’s Andi’s Aunt Althea (the infamous Manhattan matchmaker) a little manipulation is in order. After all, even Cinderella needed a little prodding to go to the ball. And with a little help from her friends, Althea’s plan goes charmingly – until the clock strikes midnight and the truth is revealed. Certain that she’s been betrayed by the people she trusted the most, Andi runs for the safety of Soho. But matchmakers don’t give up that easily, and with Althea at the helm, Andi will discover that love comes in all kinds of packages, and that sometimes, all it takes to recognize the fact is opening your heart to the possibility.

My Review:  This is the 2nd book in a light romance series by Miss Davis.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, "Match Made On Madison", and this sequel was not a disappointment.  The main character, Andi, is a funny and somewhat troubled young lady who often speaks before she thinks.  This can lead to some embarassing moments for her, but she is clearly loved by her friends and family.  She soon realizes that what she had previously thought was love was wrong.  Both her friends and her aunt set out to show Andi what true love is.  The main male character in this book, Ethan McCay, is an utter delight.  He is smart, good looking and a total Prince Charming. 

I highly recommend this book.

Rating:  4 of 5 Crowns


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